Popular Reality Shows of the Past Twenty Five Years

This article is about some of the most popular reality television shows of the past twenty five years and some interesting facts about them. The article connects to the keywords because often times reality shows have to use creative lighting methods because they are filmed outside.

Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time

The title of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is similarly structured to that of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, though sadly not quite as entertaining. Still, it makes for a decent enough adventure movie set in the scorching desert featuring dastardly villains, a princess in peril and a sword wielding hero.

The Definition of Cool – Sunglasses in Movies

In this fanciful society, everybody can make himself be cool with the help of sunglasses. The fashion trend of this summer is sunglasses with strange frames and many different kinds of such glasses dazzle people greatly.

Complete DVD Box Set Collections – Top 3 Best Buying Decisions

What a person decides that they would like to buy complete DVD box set collections, there are a couple things that you should decide upon. Most people who decide to get a collection of DVDs must know that on average there are normally eight discs that come in a boxed set.

A New TV Series – 3 Reasons Why They’re Addicting

A new TV series on popular television listings and networks have become increasingly addicting in the past few years. Many of these shows captivate target audiences by telling them stories of a life that viewers admire.

The Vigilante Movie and Its Effect on the Public

The Vigilante movie, we watch it all the time. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman – and the list goes ever on and on. Here’s the irony, vigilantism is illegal in most countries, and vigilante movies are shown in the very countries who frown on vigilantism.

Watching Your Favorite JLo Movies on Satellite TV

Everyone out there has a favorite female actor. Whether it’s finding someone like Sandra Bullock super-endearing and wanting to watch her in numerous romantic comedies or being more of a free-wheeling type and rooting for someone like Brittany Murphy or Jessica Alba, there are more than enough actresses out there to pick a favorite.

Watch Your Favorite Movies Inexpensively With Satellite Television

Let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t have the time to get to the video store to rent a DVD. Most of the time when you do have a free moment to enjoy a new film, you don’t have a lot of time to plan in advance.

The Twisted World of “Nurse Jackie” on Satellite TV

If there’s a television show that knows how to push people’s buttons in the most divine of ways, it is definitely “Nurse Jackie.” Sure, the world of television emergency rooms has been both dramatic and lacking this past decade.

Satellite TV Fans Confused by Law and Order Series’ Trail-Off

For twenty years now the program “Law and Order” has been a fixture on television that many viewers all around the world truly enjoy. While there are so many reruns and back episodes airing on a daily basis that most fans aren’t even sure when new episodes air anymore, they may start noticing more and more repeats due to the show being cancelled for this fall.

Video Editing Tutorial – A Guide to Success

Whenever one seeks to successfully edit video, there are a few key things that they must take into account. These things include everything from the seemingly mundane guidelines to the blatantly obvious rules. However, many people neglect to pay heed to these standards, which is why there are so many sub-par videos on sites like YouTube.

10 Things Not to Do at a Commercial Audition

When you’re out auditioning, you will be competing with hundreds and sometimes thousands of others. When a breakdown goes out to agents and managers, a casting director receives anywhere from one to five thousand photos for each role. From those, the director may call in one hundred actors for a first audition. So just the fact that you landed an audition is an accomplishment. Therefore, you don’t want to blow your chances of getting the job by doing something silly.