Sunshine: The Danny Boyle Movie Review

Part-thriller, part-horror, total mind-blowing awesomeness. Sunshine is a motion picture which has everything a person might want, yet chances are, given its relatively short run in theaters as well as limited availability in “streaming avenues,” you haven’t heard of it. Well, we’ll take care of that!

Nigeria’s Satisfaction – Popular Music, West African Films and Everyday Life

Numerous films are shot inside the place of Lagos and its particular surroundings. The cinemas are progressively losing their supporters for the film marketplace. Yoruba-spoken movies arise to be probably the most watched inside the cinemas, followed by Indian films.

LCD Vs Plasma Vs LED TVs

The debate of LCD TV vs Plasma TV is as old as TV itself. Ever since Plasma and LCD were created one of the most popular discussions in the TV industry is Plasma vs LCD. New members have joined the television family, as well as Plasma and LCD. We now have LED back light TV. The industry is calling these back lit led TVs as just simply LED TVs. In the 5 years since both have been on store shelves you’d think the answer would be clearly defined, but it’s a bit more complex then that.

Israeli Movies – Perfect Reflection of Israeli Society

Israel is a country which has often faced troubled due to political turmoil and disturbances. However, Israel cinema has surprisingly done well, in global arena. In fact, they have been nominated maximum times for Academy awards in Best Foreign Language Film Category.

Reviewed: Fast Five (2011)

The latest in the Fast and Furious franchise has recently hit the screens and what with the others being a good way to spend a few hours I was hoping for a similar type of movie from this one with plenty of great cars and car chases to boot. Set after Fast & Furious (No. 4) but before The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (No. 3), this time the action is played out in Rio, Brazil after Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) has escaped from police custody in the US with help from his old pal Brian (Paul Walker) and sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) and gone into hiding.

Reviewed: Into The Wild (2007)

Into The Wild is a movie about one man, Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) and his voyage into the unknown. This movie is based on the true story (which was first adapted into a book by Jon Krakauer) of Christopher who one day after graduating with top marks from Emory University, gave all of his $24,000 savings to charity and up and left his family to go and live in the wilds of Alaska. He did this without telling anyone where he was going and when, if ever, he would return.

Million Dollar Traders

Take 8 complete newbies to trading with absolutely zero trading experience, throw in 2 weeks of hardcore intensive training and throw in $1 million dollars amidst the worst financial crisis since the great depression and what do you get? A calamity of car crash reality TV showing the inner workings of a trading floor!

Movie Review: Thor 3D

Thor is a joke. Who in their right minds would believe that a blonde muscular caped Scandinavian would possess super strength, the power of flight and run amok whenever the sound of battle filled the air with a big old hammer? It’s funny to say that he’s the odd one out, because the whole lot of underpants and Lycra-clad superpower boys don’t fit in…

Going About Movie Auditions

Movie auditions usually tend to have throng of hopefuls at them. This is because everyone wants to get their shot at being a star. For this reason, you have to stand out from the hundreds of people who will be auditioned that very day.

Thor Movie Review

The beauty of being one of the first in the world to see the new superhero flick Thor is that there is next to no buzz for the film as of yet. I think this is how all films should be seen, where things such as internet buzz and critics’ opinions shouldn’t encourage us to approach a film in a certain way. It should simply be seen, with no expectations whatsoever.

Yeh Salli Zindagi Movie Review

Besides being a well made film Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi suddenly attached a great deal of seriousness to ‘A Sudhir Mishra Film’ but the subsequent follow ups have been a different story. Mishra’s latest Yeh Saali Zindagi is one confused hack job that makes you wonder if half a decade ago Mishra’s seminal offering was one of those once in a lifetime things. Between a million characters and locations that constitute Yeh Saali Zindagi, the film is about desperate people in desperate times or something like that.

The Mechanic Movie Review

Remaking a cult classic is definitely the easiest way to make a film and sometimes it works but mostly such an exercise usually results in a senseless mishmash that’s best avoided. Even though it has all the elements that make an action film The Mechanic simply remains a senseless effort to connect the dots.