Be Kind, Rewind – Follow Your Intentions

Although “Be Kind, Rewind” may seem far fetched at first, it takes about an hour to fully develop. Only then, will you find a great film filled with heart, and an inspiring message. Always follow your intuition, follow through on your ideas without getting discouraged, and don’t use a sour situation as an excuse.

Blockbuster DVD Rentals – Why Blockbuster Beats Them All

Blockbuster DVD rentals are now dominating the internet with super sale offers, free memberships and downloadable movies for your pleasure. Learn how blockbuster dvd rentals beat the competition on price, service and overall value.

The Great Debaters – Winning and Motivation

As an aspiring public speaker, I love movies like The Great Debaters. They cause feelings of awe for the hardships that the characters have overcome in order to achieve their goals. In The Great Debaters, a local college debate team overcomes many challenges in order to reach the rank of #1 in the nation. Great Debaters covers many life issues, including aspects of personal development and the motivation of winning.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008) – Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma

The wait is over. After eight years Aditya Chopra is back to direct a film with Yash Raj Films production. Who would think that 13 years had passed since the first time this Jodi came together? At that time, the director was merely the scion of a great film making family and the star was best known for taking on negative roles that no one else would. Then the magic they conjured up in their first film together, redefined Hindi cinema and set them on their respective paths to the heights of glory.

Gossip Girl Episode 4 – Bad News Blair

Now that Serena and Blair are working to repair their relationship, the two are working to trust each other again, but things are not always as easy as they can be. Things are looking up for Blair when her mother decides that she should be the new face of her clothing line that is going to launch at Bendell’s.

Gossip Girl Episode 3 – Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy starts at school giving everyone a chance to impress upon a the admission counselors of every Ivy League school just how much they want to attend their universities. Since the Junior class is in charge of the event, there are several spots available for he mixer and everyone is applying.

Gossip Girl Episode 2 – The Wild Brunch

The episode opens up with Dan stressing out over how his date with Serena ended, Serena does the same thing with her brother Eric. Everyone else is busy getting ready for the annual Bass brunch, and Serena makes the first move to fix things between her and Blair. When Serena goes to try and patch things up with Blair, Blair tells her that she already knows about Serena and Nate.

Gossip Girl Episode 1 – The Pilot

It’s the beginning of the New School year in Manhattan and Gossip Girl is on top of everyone’s return to the city with the help of her readers. As the show starts the infamous Serena Vander Woodsen returns to New York City after disappearing off to boarding school for a year. At the same time the little known Humphrey’s also make an appearance, returning for the start of the school year.

Gossip Girl Episode 4 Recap – The Ex Files

Things are about to get good on Gossip Girl as Serena retakes her position as queen bee of the hive, a position she worked hard to rid herself in the recent past. All it took was a little scheming from Chuck while Blair was busy dealing with problems of her own to be bothered with Serena’s relationship issues.

Gossip Girl Episode 5 Recap – The Serena Also Rises

It looks like it is full out war between Serena and Blair again, just like old times. With Serena’s renewed spot at the head of the class and Jenny’s new position in her mothers business, Blair is busy thinking up new schemes to keep herself on top. Serena, on the other hand, is loving her new position and with the help of her new friends she is becoming quite comfortable with herself.

Resurrecting the Champ – Essential Life Lessons

Resurrecting the Champ was a pleasant surprise for a movie; the acting of Josh Hartnett is exceptional, and Samuel L. Jackson is great as usual. The movie contains such an array of life lessons; what it takes to be a hero to yourself and those you love. It also covers the issue of forgiveness, and how important it is to forgive those who have wronged you.

The TV Public Service Commercial – How it Started – How to Produce One

So, Where did it all begin? Well, circa 1966, a lawyer in Washington complained to the Washington Post that with all of the cigarette advertising in newspapers, there should be a public service ad for the anti-smoking people who did not have a voice (or a budget). This got a lot of tv stations across the country nervous.