Video Games Turned Movies

If you ever see the name “Alan Smithee” in the credits of a movie, it means the real director thought the movie was so bad, they didn’t want their name in it.

Interested in Blu-Ray DVD? Take a Look at The Blue-Ray HD Player Models

The new generation Blu-Ray DVD employs a blue light laser to illuminate the pits found in the DVD disc. It results in huge information storage in the same space, as blue light has a shorter wavelength and hence the pits can be spaced closer together. The HDTV – Blu-Ray HD players are designed to play such tightly packaged DVDs.

Valium Delivered To Your Door! First see Running With Scissors

Sometimes, Family is where you find it.

Five Movies You Think Would Be Really Better Than They Are

Here are five movies you think would be really better than they are, unfortunately for the films, the scripts, the direction, and the actors, they are not. All five get my terrible rating; they include About Schmidt (with Jack Nicholson and Kathy Bates as Oscar nominees), The Anchorman (with Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate), Before Sunset, Cocktail (with Tom Cruise) and Corky Romano (with Chris Kattan of Saturday Night Live fame).

Brooke Shields: An Amazing Woman

I grew up in love with Brooke Shields. Ever since I saw the movie The Blue Lagoon, I had a huge crush on her. Her character in that movie was so innocent and so beautiful; I do not know how you could not fall in love with her. If I was stranded on a deserted island I would definitely want to be stranded with her. I also liked that movie quite a bit, because it seemed like it would be fun to live on an island all by yourself with no one else to tell you what to do.

Before the Malls Came: Showmanship for Small-town Movie Theatres

Before shopping mall movies theatres thrived and theatre conglomerates ruled, independent theatres existed in small towns through the country. Often they served as a local center for a shared community experience. When TV proved to be a formidable opponent, the local exhibitors stepped up the public spectacle through promotional showmanship in order to revitalize not only its role in the community but often the local community spirit itself. The article focuses on the efforts of small midwestern theatres in Illinois.


Life is Simple – Living it is Complex

Finding Discounted Broadway Play Tickets

These are some great ways to get your Broadway Play tickets at very affordable prices for popular shows.

Two Excellent Movies You Could See Over and Over and Not Miss a Beat

The 1964 musical My Fair Lady is one of the best movies ever made, earning 12 Oscar nominations and winning 8 Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director (George Cukor) and Best Actor (Rex Harrison) among major awards. See My Fair Lady with your children at home, and give them a wonderful introduction to culture and breeding in the process. The Phantom of the Opera has it all: a story line, plot, great writing, great presentation, and even better music and lyrics. Phantom is a must see.

Tony Curtis And Anthony Perkins Ancedotes

A film critic interviews the talent. In the late Seventies, I used to be a film critic. I reviewed movies mostly for magazines, which meant I saw all the new releases at least three months prior to their release date. In retrospect, it was a wonderful job, but at the time…

Fast Food Nation

A movie that examines the health risks involved in the fast food industry and its environmental and social consequences as well.

George Trendle – Biography of the Man Who Invented the Lone Ranger

Revenue had slumped as the big national shows were no longer being aired and, worst still, advertising budgets were being slashed as the recession was turning into a depression. Trendle thought the hero of the new show should be a lone, mysterious figure; someone who is strong enough to fight for his principals but who is kind at heart.