Duff Beer

One of the largest fictional brands in the beer franchise that has managed to take the world by storm is the infamous Duff range of beer that has been made popular by the longtime animated sitcom – The Simpsons. It is Homer Simpson’s preferred beer of choice where he is seen in almost every episode glugging down his favored refreshment. In the animated world of beer, there have been numerous varieties ranging from Duff Beer, Duff Light and Duff Dry. Homer and his buddy Barney generally enjoy this refreshment at the local Moe’s Bar.

Daybreakers – The New Vampire Movie

The year 2010 starts with a new vampire movie, continuing the new craze that started last year and seems to hold in this new year. DAYBREAKERS is the new Twilight!

Celebrity Meltdowns – Fame, Fortune, Failure

Without naming names, movie, television and sports celebrities seem to have the most difficult time living enjoyable lives. Fame and fortune are not man’s best friends. Being under public scrutiny by way of all-pervasive paparazzi telescopes is not conducive to happy relationships and a joyous state of affairs (no pun intended).

How Did Famous Celebrities Get Discovered Before Becoming Famous?

This article talks about how celebrities and movie stars were discovered by talent agents. It goes into more detail of what some celebrities had to work for to make a living.

Top Famous Movie Dentists

What is it about going to the dentist that strikes fear into the hearts of children and adults alike? Is it the way they’ve been portrayed on the silver screen? Here is a countdown of four of the most sinister portrayals of dentists in cinema history.

How to Get an Agent – Part 2

Part two of “How to Get an Agent.” Looks at the role of agents in Hollywood and why many artist have trouble landing one. Discusses the best methods of finding an agent for actors, writers, directors, models, singers, and musicians.

The Best Seinfeld Relative Characters

“Seinfeld” is considered one of the greatest shows ever, and for good reason-the characters. The characters that Larry David created base on his own life (and himself) are the focal point of the show, and they are hilarious. With the stellar writing and clever dialogue, “Seinfeld” was one of the most talked about sitcoms in television’s history. In honor of that show here is a list of the best “Seinfeld” characters.

Recording Feature Film Sound Single Handed

I was challenged to record and mix all audio for a Low Budget Feature with no assistance, no dialogue replacement (ADR) and no budget for a Post Production mix! The film was shot over 15 days on 16mm Film in difficult locations in and around London with time always against us. Here is how I did it.

Is Anyone Else Baffled by the Success of Avatar?

Boy, do I feel lonely! Guess what? I slept through parts of Avatar, would never care to watch it again, and fret over how I can diplomatically cast my vote into mass hysteria that this is really no cornerstone of cinema at all.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor

Dame Elizabeth Taylor has always been known for her great beauty, and for her eventful personal life. But it is her work with HIV/AIDS that she will be remembered for the most. This short retrospective gives an inside view of how this astonishing lady lives today.

A Good Home Theater Brings Whatever You Watch to Life

The television of years gone by has been, for the most part, replaced by the home theater system. A quality theater system can make your home viewing of television and movies much more enjoyable through the use of flat screen televisions, DVD/Blu-ray players and sound systems that can reproduce movie theater quality audio. And the use of digital technology has made these systems much more affordable for the average home owner.

Twilight As Told by RiffTrax

One of the best ways to watch the movie Twilight is by using a service called ‘RiffTrax’. This article doesn’t really try to promote RiffTrax so much as it tries to explain how you can actually watch Twilight and be somewhat entertained by using RiffTrax.