The Kids Are All Right: The Movie Is OK

This surprise hit at Sundance hit a wave of momentum going into “Oscar Season” and promises to pick up several nominations. It has already won BEST Picture at the Berlin International Film Festival and three nominations at the Golden Globes. The film was well received by most critics scoring at 94% at and a respectable showing at the box office.

The King’s Speech – Movie Review

Misery, struggle, failure, frustration, resentment, success, glory and joy – we see it all in a dramatically enriching cinema experience: The King’s Speech. Director, Tom Hooper, along with writer, David Seidler, have masterly development a predictable plot into an absorbing watch. The film is based on a true story of King George VI.

Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls

The thing that has always fascinated me about Tyler Perry’s films is how simple in structure they are. Everything has its place, and everything falls in line. It’s kind of elemental, or, even though this word implies a negative connotation, elementary; not really paint-by-numbers, but there are moments in his canon that are extremely formulaic, despite his “auteur” intent.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 – No Muggles Allowed

Going in, it was no secret that this film is just a prelude to the real final chapter of the Harry Potter story, but I resent the fact that one can’t seem to enjoy this film on its own. Instead, it has to be viewed as just an episode. It’s hard to argue with the success. This is the most successful movie franchise in history under the same production company, Warner Bros, and under the same cast, featuring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

Blank City

Celine Danhier’s documentary Blank City is an invigorating love letter to a bygone era, a time when guerrilla filmmakers ran wild in the streets, freely shooting their cinematic visions without the hindrance of Hollywood extravagances like permits, budgets and stars. It is the kind of film that inspires not only nostalgia, but also a forward-thinking desire to follow in the footsteps of its many sometimes deranged but always passionate and interesting subjects. It is a lively documentary, one that celebrates life and manages to revel in nostalgia without ever getting sappy about it.

Biutiful Movie Review

Have you ever wondered about a character long after the film is over? Biutiful is one such film where the character goes beyond the realm of the film and lingers on for a long, long time. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s Biutiful is a film where Javier Bardem doesn’t play a character, rather he becomes Uxbal and takes you on a journey that you thought cinema had become incapable of.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Blu-Ray

It’s surprisingly reassuring when a current mainstream movie release based on source material from yesteryear actually transpires successfully to capture the original’s essence and intent without being reduced or reworked in order to pander to modern audiences. Tim Burton’s screen version of Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is boldly faithful to the 1979 Tony Award winning Broadway musical and will, no doubt, be largely responsible for capturing the ears of the next generation of Sondheim devotees. Johnny Depp stars as Benjamin Barker, an accomplished barber whose life is destroyed by the lascivious…

Movie Review: Source Code – Enter the Code!

Since his debut with the gripping Moon, it would only be fair to expect nothing less than celestial brilliance from Duncan Jones. And keeping those lofty standards in mind Jones delivers with Source Code, one of the most riveting sci-fi thrillers in years.

I Am Movie Review

Four stories and a million emotions is the best way to describe Onir’s I Am. The fiercely independent manner in which I Am got made–more than 400 different people from across the world contributed to the cost of the film–seems to have rubbed off on Onir’s approach to I Am. Four stories that explore societal fear in one form or the other, I Am is just what an independent film should be–daring, different and thought provoking.

Best Super Bowl Commercials In History

Super Bowl commercials have frequently played a vital role in the big game, entertaining us with witty, brilliant ads during gaps from the football game itself. The commercials do not constantly steal the show, but they surely enhance watching the game.

Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon

Today Dreamworks releases How To Train Your Dragon on DVD and BluRay Disc. The release is highly anticipated due to the film’s underdog success. Its initial opening was a decent one, but its residual and viral attention has made it a hit despite being overshadowed by James Cameron’s Avatar. With 3-D becoming such a phenomenon, some films are going to rely too heavily on this appeal to snare viewers. I feel 3-D is especially effective in animation, where technicians have more control over color and light, which allows Dragon to fire on all cylinders.

Movie Review: Limitless, in a Limited Way

Limitless could have been the ultimate boy’s film. That is if you keep its audacious premise in mind–pop a pill and become smart. But Neil Burger’s adaptation of a 2001 novel doesn’t really go the whole hog; in spite of that Limitless is a pretty decent ‘techno-thriller’ rid