A Psychological Profile of Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano is one of the most intriguing and enigmatic characters in the history of television. Understanding him psychologically is a difficult proposition, although many of the shows other character’s have proffered some ideas.

Hedy Lamarr Was An Original Hollywood Sex Symbol And Brilliant Mind

Hedy Lamarr was a beautiful, intelligent actress for many decades during the “golden age” of Hollywood. Her beauty and sex appeal radiated so that it only took a sideways glance to recognize. Much of what made up Hedy Lamarr’s character however was beneath the surface and only known to a certain, limited number of those lucky enough to be close to her.

Clark Gable’s Long Lasting Hollywood Legacy

Clark Gable was THE male lead actor in Hollywood for quite some time. He was one of these actors who were an entire personality with the eyes of the adoring public on him at all times. Celebrities like this do not exist anymore and likely never will again.

Americas Test Kitchen

With little time to spend cooking, I turn to this show to give me the upshot on anything food. This PBS show does not take advertisements nor does the magazine from which it was spawned. As a result, I trust their reviews and results.

Film Review – Dead Man

William Blake who has received a letter to work as an accountant in a town of Machine begins his journey to that town but as he arrives one month later he can not get his dreams. In the first night of his arrival he meet a beautiful girl and as William get wounded by the girl’s ex-fiance he begins his real journey from ugliness to perfection by the guidance of an Indian who is really the God’s angel helping him to become pure in the world of limbo.

Film Review Over Dead Man

Director: Jim Jarmusch, Writer: Jim Jarmusch, Date: 10 May 1996 (USA) Genre: drama / western, Awards: two wins and 5 nominations Filming Locations: Applegate River, Oregon, USA, Company: Pandora Filmproduktion Main actors: Johnny Depp (William Blake), Gary farmer (nobody), Crispin Glover (train fireman), Robert Mitchum (John Dickinson), Gabriel Byrne (Charlie Dickinson), Lance Henriksen (Cole Wilson), Michael Wincott (Conway Twill), Eugene Byrd Johnny (The Kid) Pickett. Jim Jarmusch is leading American filmmaker whose began his career in 1980 with PERMANENT VACATION. Before dead man he directed many films and a continuing series of short films.

Save Money and Make Money by Getting Rid of Your Cable

You can save money by getting rid of your cable television, but can you make money, too? The cost of cable television goes way beyond the cost of your cable bill each month.

Disney Hannah Montana Lawsuits

A comedy writer named Buddy Sheffield claims that he was the one who originally came up with the idea for a Hannah Montana style series. However, he never got compensated by Disney.

Film Review – Dead Man

Dead Man is a great motion picture about 19th c. America, it shows a great scene and gives a pure feeling of that time. Bill Blake comes in the town of Machine to work in a factory as an accountant; but unfortunately he has come just one month late because of his parents’ death and dealing with their funerals and so he losses the job.

The Great Debaters Topics of Debate – Civil Disobedience, Morality, Equality, Law, & Democracy

The movie The Great Debaters debates universal topics and themes which all human beings can relate to and understand. Professor Melvin Tolson recognized in The Great Debators the faulty logic, presumptions, and injustice being done to his people and boldly confronted it.

The Stuff In the Basement – Reflection on Rocky Balboa

He’s been part of Philly’s landscape, part of us for so long, reflecting both our stubborn spirit and our embarrassments that he’s become something of a cliché we haul out on occasion and sheepishly hide the rest of the time. But few here would join in the savagery with which the world greeted the news last year that Rocky Balboa was returning for a proper swan-song.

Top 5 Movies for 2007

The box office amounts are in and the best top movies of 2007 are in. These movies, left us speechless, crying, anxious and stunned. Ready to find out what they are?