Why Sound Must Be More Than an Afterthought in Your Video Communications, and a Few Hints How

All video and new media projects have soundtracks. Some are ambitious; some are merely the voice of an on-camera person talking, and some may be virtually silent (that’s still a creative choice).

Who Watches TV Adverts?

It is time to sit down and watch a programme on television, a programme that features advertisements. The advertisers make their pitch to the watching audience on all commercial channels. The television company and its programmes are supported by the income of its advertising revenue without which it would be dead.

Getting to Know the Backyardigans Better

Who are the Backyardigans? I’ve found that Backyardigans party ideas are pretty popular with younger kids! Let’s see why kids enjoy these cute little Backyardigans.

Starship Troopers – Interplanetary Bugs Make For Space Camp

This is one of those flicks that, if you see it sitting on a rental shelf, you might wrinkle your nose or roll your eyes, and pass on it. I found out, that might be a bit hasty. Read on and see why…

Old-Fashioned Dark Comedy Fun With a Kick – And the Next Great Dog Star Introduced!

I confess, I am a David Hewlett fan, also, I’m a Stargateophile (gatephiliac?) and pretty serious fanatic, however, I don’t automatically and blindly “love” everything out just because it’s attached to Stargate, either SG-1 or Atlantis. I like to think I have an independent mind to some extent. So feel free to measure this review according to my possibly biased tastes…

The Wedding Singer – Singing Sandler and Darling Drew, Who Woulda Thought It?

Adam Sandler is a very talented guy that chooses some very oddball parts. But when he is allowed to show his stuff, it’s good. He’s also reached a cult status, so that it’s almost “uncool” to not like a Sandler film. Well, I prefer taking each film and role individually, not just liking or disliking something because of who is in it. But, to be honest, I really did watch this movie originally to visit the 1980s once again…

Poseidon – Ship Sank, Movie Didn’t – If You’re a Real Disaster Fan

Being a fan of the original movie, The Poseidon Adventure, and Irwin Allen disaster movies (well, most any disaster flick, actually), I wanted to see Poseidon very much. And being a big Kurt Russell fan made it even more of a “must see” for me.

Who Can Live Without the Seinfeld DVDs

Seinfeld is a very popular American sitcom that used to be aired on NBC from July 5, 1989, to May 14, 1998. So, altogether it lasted for nine seasons. The show topped the Arthur Nielsen Media Research Ratings in its sixth and ninth seasons and finished among the top two every year from 1994 to 1998.

Everything You Need to Get in Touch

Remember filming is an art the world is the canvas and your camera is a paintbrush that allows you to create any idea or concept you have. Knowing your camera is your best weapon when filming. Most modern high tech cameras have auto this and auto that, but understanding these functions will enable you to create a interesting project.

Seinfeld Videos Are Still Popular Today

The popularity of the Seinfeld series is evident even today, ten years after it first came to American Television. A series created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, topped the American charts for several years in a row and It is still popular even today. Seinfeld videos are really in demand and very popular among American young adults and teenagers.

View a Seinfeld Season – A Great Way to Do Entertainment

One of the most popular soaps to hit American television, Seinfeld was an extremely famous sitcom. The show was first broadcast as The Seinfeld Chronicles on 5 July, 1989. It received a very lukewarm response initially.

Campaign to Bring Danielle Jones Back to Eastenders

Eastenders fans will be well aware of the fury which has been felt across the country after the storyline which saw Ronnie finally reunited with her long-lost daughter only for her to be knocked down by Janine Butcher seconds later. Will she return?