Slumdog Millionaire’s Oscar Nods Give it a Push For Wide Release

Nearly a month in to 2009, Best Picture nominee Slumdog Millionaire finally gets a “full” U.S. release in January. Of the gaggle of nominations this film has racked up, my personal feeling is that the film’s most remarkable achievements are in editing and cinematography. However, in the framework of the story director Danny Boyle is trying to tell, it’s basically that if you think your life sucks, take a look at this.

Pink Panther 2 – Steve Martin’s Early 2009 Oscar Contender! Nah, Just Kidding

Pink Panther 2 is Steve Martin’s second installment in this re-imagined franchise. Is it a pale imitation of the Blake Edwards films or true to the original vision?

Classic Rock – Television’s Supernatural Music Soundtrack

We are now seeing a new trend in television. The soundtrack of television shows nowadays are really good, just listen to the show Supernatural.

Watch TV on the Computer For Almost Nothing

The age of technology is upon us and once again it does nothing but cease to amaze me. One of the latest and greatest technologies is called satellite TV for the PC. In other words, you can watch thousands of television channels on your computer without paying a subscription fee. Here’s how it works.

Battlestar Galactica – Recap of Episode 4, 12

13 is the number interpreted differently by different people. However, Battlestar Galactica finds the 13th tribe of Cylons on our dear Earth being wiped away by nuclear forces some 2,000 years back with only Ellen Tigh as the final, surviving Cylon, while Kara and Dualla set for the afterlife.

Unsung Heroes in the Supernatural TV Series

Fans all around the world are all waiting for the conclusion of Supernatural TV series such as these seldom achieve such a cult following. There was a time when Heroes had such a phenomenon.

Some Updates on Supernatural Season 4

Supernatural is really kicking it this season. For those who are not aware of where the story is right now, let’s have a recap.

Cast For Season 8 of Dancing With the Stars

“Dancing with the Stars” fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the upcoming season 8 cast. They finally found out that not only are some of their favorite celebrities on the show, but also some real life couples. But, don’t look for another spry octogenarian like Cloris Leachman this season – the oldest contestant is 58!

Slumdog Millionaire Scoops Up the Bafta’s

The British film which is set and filmed in India is a very compelling romantic drama. The storyline basically evolves around a young boy who grew up in a slum neighborhood and then got the chance to appear on the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire show and manages to get all the way up to the last answer. The plot thickens when authorities then start to accuse him of cheating his way to the top, but the film then portrays his life in flashbacks and offers an in depth explanation of how an uneducated boy knows …

Black Books, A Little Known UK Comedy Gem

Black Books is a British television comedy series originally shown between 2000 and 2005 on terrestrial TV channel 4 in the UK. Even though it only ran for 18 episodes, it has gained a very large and loyal army of fans. Read on to discover this little known British comedy Gem.

Trademarks In Film – Best Practices

Coca-Cola, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, UPS, McDonald’s, FedEx, Dairy Queen, Kodak. You may ask what these brand names have in common. These brand names (and many others) all represent trademarks. “That sounds expensive! How can I afford for the protagonist in my film to be drinking a Pepsi and eating a slice of Domino’s pizza during dinner? I will have to cover up all of the labels.” Unfortunately, this is how most filmmakers think.

Where to Buy Cheap Movies

Don’t you hate it that your favorite movies are not cheap when first released on DVD? Even though they’re not sold cheaply in retail stores, there are plenty of ways to find cheap DVDs and cheap movies. Freebie sites are just one example that this article discusses of how you can obtain DVDs and movies for cheap, if not free, especially if you’re looking for a new release or hard-to-find movie that you can’t get for cheap anywhere else!