CSI: NY – Back to the Big Apple

Easily the darkest, most hard-bitten member of the CSI family, CSI:NY returns this fall for a third season: a season that opens following the violent murder of a former CSI, with another recovering from a coma.

Doctor Who is Back! The Time Lord Returns

There was always something a little risky in attempting to continue that venerable British sci-fi franchise, Doctor Who. Reviving a show that has run since the early sixties and gathered millions upon millions of loyal followers can be a dangerous business. Done correctly, though, it can be very profitable.

Snakes on a Plane – Viral Marketing at Its Best

Every so often a movie will come along that is destined for greatness — be it through powerful imagery, an engaging plot or a stellar cast. Occasionally, though, just occasionally, comes a movie whose success is based not on cast or plot (whose plot, in fact, is purely incidental to its popularity) but on simple viral marketing. Snakes on a Plane is such a movie.

Spiderman 3 – Your Friendly Neighborhood Blockbuster

In 1962 a young cartoonist, Stan Lee, came up with an idea for a new comic superhero. During an era in which most of our superheroes were muscle-bound adults, young Peter Parker struck an unlikely figure.

The Nanny – A Content Review

The nanny has been a very successful show over the years there is no doubting that – but here is a content review of what people thought of it over the years.

TV Addiction Quiz

Are you addicted to TV? Find out now!

How Movies Come To Be Recognized As Classic Movies

Filming techniques, directing ability and acting all come into play when considering a movie a classic. There is also the most important part of a movie, the audience. The ability of this movie to connect to you on a personal level, tugging at your emotions and touching your soul made it a classic.

The After-Life of a TV Show

Some of these shows can make us cringe as they expose the fashions that were so cool at the time

Dragon Slayers

The BBC show “Dragons’ Den” offers a tantalising glimpse into the nature of true confidence.

Zombie-Italian Horror at It’s Best…and Worst

Italian zombie films tend to be heavy on the gore and nudity, and Zombie is no exception. From start to finish, we get a double dose of thrills, chills, and scantily-clad women. But only hardcore horror fans may want to spring for a rental. Why? Read the review and find out.

The Genesis of the Daleks – A Review

Many Dr Who aficionados say Genesis of the Daleks is one of the best Doctor Who series. After seeing the “New” Doctor Who series it is quite a shock to see the changing production values but it is still an excellent script

The Sixth Sense

Lines from The Sixth Sense are still whispered eerily today by those who loved the film. It was a movie that shocked and thrilled those who watched it. It was unusual and engaging however, and could hold an audience without any problem at all.