Tearing Down The House – A Love Affair With ‘Not The Nine O’Clock News’

The art of the alternative comedy era was firstly, one of excitement and anti establishment. Hardly a ground breaking prospect when you think about it in today’s terms, yet a show like ‘Not The Nine o’clock News,’ was floodlit in it’s forward thinking, surrealism in the same light as Python in the Sixties and The Goons further back in the Fifties. Young comics were suddenly given the full park to charge around in. They could think, act and perform in every way or shape possible. Since making social comment a joke had been something only left to the domestic absurdities through situation comedy in ‘Father, Dear Father,’ or ‘Bless This House,’ now, all at once, the man in the street or the blind woman crossing the road was open to ventfuls of ridicule. Young talents could create comedy out of every day life, far from the comforting surroundings of behind the front door.

Games and Movies For the PSP

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A Weekend In Rutland or How I Survived 24 Hours In Tunbridge Wells

The ex president of Footlights at Cambridge came to us as being one of the most forward thinking comedy writers of the 20th Century, leading the path already paved by performers such as Peter Sellers and Kenneth Williams. Idle had been a solo writer from his days at Python so working on an idea created from the depths of his own brain was not a difficult concept to perform. From originally thinking of an project based around a spoof radio station (strangely, Radio Five, was to be the title,) Idle was convinced that the general idea of a ‘spoof something’ was to be a winning show. Yet, after two years of two series and one Christmas special, the ‘studio’ of Rutland Weekend television closed it’s doors and hung up the ‘To Let’ sign outside.

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