How to Explore Talent and Make It a Profession?

Unlike skills that can be learned or acquired through experiences, talent is inborn. One needs to explore talent they have within them be it dancing, singing, painting, acting, modeling and writing. If any you are passionate about your interests, then you can convert it into a profession that will earn you money and fame.

Popular Reality Television Shows

Nowadays reality television has become more and more popular. These are the shows where they follow around a certain famous individual or a celebrity and build a show around their daily life.

Movie Review of Happy Feet Two

If you are one of those people who avoid, like I do, movies that lure you in with the promise of pure mindless entertainment but end up preaching an underlying environmental message, then here is a little heads up: Happy Feet 2 is something that falls squarely in that category. Call me old fashioned, but I really like it when the people who create the animated movies don’t try to insert their deeply held convictions into the storyline. Seriously, I just came to see some penguins dance.

Bright New Star in Hollywood – Alexnder Wraith

In every generation we find plenty of wonderful young talented well known actors, Leo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman, Sam Worthington etc… but the purpose of this article is to look at some of the new comers, focusing on young actors who have had some interesting parts, but aren’t household names yet. Film reviewers and some of Hollywood’s top casting directors have picked out 20 young actors/actresses, based on their promise so far and looking towards the future, at the films that are in store for these Bright Young talents… One of the Bright New Stars is versatile and explosive Alexander Wraith. Wraith is always at the top of his game,” says Burnt in describing the actor’s auditions. “he is always prepared, he always has a great attitude, he listens, he takes direction very well, and he incorporates the direction into what he’s doing. I think for any actor, that’s the key. You just have to do the work and be prepared as best as you possibly can. Alexander is a very talented special young man and I expect lots of big things in the future for out of Alexander wraith.”

Movie Review: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

For the most part, David Fincher’s new adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is identical to the original film. A few minor substitutions work their way into the script, most notably with dialogue, physical characteristics, jobs, and bits of backstory that are added or excised; but the essential plot is still present. The use of spoken English is particularly helpful for American audiences (despite fouling up the logical side of printed materials, character nationality, and Epson/Mac product placement), and the use of familiar character actors aids sorting out the extensive assemblage of suspects.

Movie Review – Jane Eyre (2011)

In Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, I personally found Mia Wasikowska to be pretty but a bit wooden. She definitely had an ethereal and delicate quality to her, but beyond that shallow surface, I didn’t see much spark. Nothing could be further from the truth in the latest Jane Eyre directed by Cary Fukunaga.

Movie Review – “Anonymous”

First of all, I feel like I should put a disclaimer here that says that I will NOT be basing this review on the movie’s historical accuracy. No, the movie is not accurate. No, it does not present convincing evidence that Edward De Vere wrote the plays of Shakespeare. I feel this is irrelevant…

Movie Review: Limitless – A Smart Thriller

Limitless is a rare film in that it is a high concept film that actually works. The setup: Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is a struggling writer, slob and all around loser. When his girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish) dumps him, it’s not mean spirited; it’s just necessary. Then something comes along and changes his life.

Good Television Providers Become Great With These 5 TV Options

In today’s world it seems like it’s harder than ever to afford the things we want and the things we can afford don’t seem to be worth the money we have to pay for it. This especially seems true when you talk about television entertainment because cable prices keep going up and up. There are some TV options that really are worth the money, some of which you may not know about. Consider this list of new technology and TV options.

Movie Review – The Sitter (2011) (R)

Yet again, I find myself in the position of not knowing how to feel. The Sitter is a strange movie – a raunchy comedy, buddy movie, and action picture all rolled into one. That it involves children in the same space as drug dealers, thugs, prostitutes, jewel heists, gunshots, fistfights, cocaine, and explosives is nothing short of reprehensible. That it works regardless is nothing short of miraculous.

Movie Review – Young Adult (2011) (R)

Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron) makes a living ghostwriting novels geared towards the tween crowd. They call this Young Adult Fiction – YA in publisher’s lingo. The books are part of a series created by another author. They were at one time incredibly popular. Now, the series has been cancelled. The book she’s currently writing will be the final installment.

Your Ego and Guy Ritchie’s Film, “Revolver”

Sometimes a movie isn’t what it appears to be. Guy Ritchie directed a film called “Revolver” that got a very poor critical reception, but it hasn’t stopped the movie from gaining a strong cult following. This is a film that is less action and adventure and more of a think piece. Can you give it your time and consideration, with an open mind?