The Death of G4

Learn about how the G4 technology has gone away.

How Digital Light Processing is Slowly Conquering The TV Market

Digital Light Processing can be considered as the pinnacle in science and technology that has focused its resources on the gigantic possibilities in improving digital entertainment. You may wonder, what is Digital Light Processing, and how it will help, or better yet, change digital entertainment. Here’s a sneak peak on the what’s and how’s of Digital Light Processing.

Determine if Online Movie Rental is Right For You

How do you decide whether or not online movie rental is right for you? Every time I log onto my computer, in every delivery of mail I get, and at nearly every commercial television break I see something about online movie rental. It seems like a good idea, but it is hard to know if it is right for me, or even to know how it works.

Don’t Forget Superman: Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve died in October of 2004. He had suffered from paralysis due to an accident that broke his neck. After the accident, he did all that he could to promote research to help those so suffering. He formed the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation to support medical research. When you contribute to the foundation, you will help Christopher Reeve reach his dream.

Does the V-Chip Work? Is it Only a Bandage?

Are V-Chips (in televisions) designed to block indecent technology the answer to censorship? Do they really work? Why do some television programs get publicized in the first place? What is the FCC thinking? Shouldn’t all multimedia be censored as if children are viewing everything anyway?

Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Arthur Golden. Brought to life by Rob Marshall Memoirs tells the tale of Sayuri Nita a young woman sold by her father to a geisha house and went on to become the most successful geisha during her time.

King Kong Review, Killer Graphics and a Killer Cast

We all have seen the original King Kong Movie probably more than once and so you ask why should you go see the New Remake of King Kong? Well let me tell you this movie is much different than the original and the graphics and special effects will literally blow you away.

2006 Holographic Technology Trends

Major advances and strides were made in Holographic Projection research and development of data visualization.

UFO: I Chat with the Real King Kong

Xrytspet takes me to Skull Island to chat with King Kong. Out interpreter is Jonathan Hawthorne. Xrytspet deceives me. She speaks Kong.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tivo

You may have heard the buzz about Tivo lately and how easy it is to record your favorite television shows. So what exactly is “Tivo” and what are the benefits?!

King Kong

I’m in love with an ape. A twenty-five foot ape to be exact. Peter Jackson did the impossible: he managed to make a re-make of King Kong that didn’t suck and not only did it not suck it is arguably the best King Kong re-make ever and can rival the original as the best King Kong movie ever. This is more Kong then you ever thought you’d need but in the end Jackson keeps you wanting more.

A Quick Eyeball at the 9 Best Method Acting Greats

As with so many subjective “things” in life, there is a great deal disagreement over who are the best method acting greats in the acting business and in movies. A good place to start in a search for the best of the method acting greats is…