History Vs Hollywood – Black Hawk Down & Great Raid

In history, the United States military has made many coordinated Special Force rescue and assault operations resulting in major successes or catastrophes with significant life loss. The most triumphant and successful rescue operation in the United States Military history, portrayed in The Great Raid, or the most near-disastrous mission involving the entrapment of US Army Rangers, depicted in Black Hawk Down, both gained enough recognition to become major modern Hollywood productions.

Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice TV Show – I Learn Tons From This Show!

The Apprentice show with Donald Trump is always a learning experience! I love this show because it teaches you how to deal with so many different situations. The show with Piers and Omarosa fighting was one of his most difficult decisions yet.

CGI Cyber Movies

The movie 300 heralded the beginning of a new era in film making. So hot on the heels of 300, Beowolf suggests that the digital film revolution is beginning to gather pace. How long can actors, agents and cameramen continue to claim that they are an integral part of the film making process?

Television Production 101

In this article the author gives ideas, suggestions and helpful hints to those who wish to begin in the area of television production. There are ideas about public access community television and helpful hints on how to go about having your own television show.

Trying To Sell Myself And Failing

My early days of auditioning for acting roles were downright discouraging. I’m an older guy in my 50’s. The kind of auditions that are open for someone like me, with no agent or union connection, mostly involve student productions.

Was Braveheart A Lie? Real Highlanders Fought With The Lochaber Axe

Hollywood myths debunked! Highlanders did not use two handed swords or eight foot poles for fighting.

Top 10 Vampire Movies You Need To Watch – The Most Entertaining Vampire Films

A list of ten great vampire films that every fan should see. Each film has a short description and explanation for its ranking. From Blacula to Dracula, this list has it all.

The 101 is Exclusive Only to Direct TV

The 101 is a channel exclusive to Direct TV. The exclusive programming offers many shows ranging from daytime dramas to live concerts.

The Young and Rich

Every year, Forbes magazine releases the “rich list” of twenty stars under the age of 25. Being a rich list and all, it has a collection of sports stars, Hollywood regulars, and the Harry Potter trio.

How She Move – Guidance for Future College Students?

Can A Monster Step contest teach you about scholarships and earning money for college? That depends.

The Great Debaters About College Money?

Can Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Denzel Whitaker, and Oprah Winfrey teach you about finding money for college? Definitely.

A Grand Love Affair

As he pierces the air with the sword,his bare torso perfect,muscles taut,and sweat glistening on his sinewy back,Hrithik Roshan in his screen version of Mughal Emperor Jalauddin Akbar makes you catch your breath. Gowariker’s film is set in the sixteenth century and it traces the graph of a confused but conscientious teenage prince,who has a crown thrust upon his head.Through he is initially squeamish about getting his sword bloodied,he manages to become the emperor of Hindustan with relative ease;and through his conquests and deeds wins himself the tittle of Akbar the Great.