“The Wooden Gun” Starring Arik Rosen

“The Wooden Gun” takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel in the early 1950s. The war and the holocaust are still fresh in the minds of the Jewish people. Searching for loved ones takes up a lot of people’s time.

Television Lets Me Play the Games That I Enjoy

I’ve always enjoyed solving crossword puzzles, even though I was never able to complete the one that appears in each Sunday’s edition of The New York Times… too difficult for me. As a student in grade school right up to and through college, I actually looked forward to quizzes, even the ones for which there was no warning.

5 Reasons Why the Simpsons Ratings Are Declining

The Simpsons is one of the longest running television shows in the history of television. It is currently in its twenty first seasons and seems it isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. But lately, the television ratings are declining and if you read the latest forums about the show, the popularity of the show is also declining. So why is the show declining?

Anime – Why Endeavour in Such a Collection?

Anime stands to be the perfect way in order to showcase the inner personality of an individual in order to develop a perfect match with their chosen or selected partners. If you are possessed with a desire to attend a cosplay party then you are supposed to visit such social gatherings in your perfect costume so that it becomes easy for you to cope up with the atmosphere of such gatherings.

The Societal Issue in ‘Brokeback Mountain’

Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist meets in the summer of 1963 while lining up for a job of looking after flocks of sheep over Randy Quaid’s farm in the Brokeback Mountain. Their little friendship develops over typical edge. Ennis is the stoic one, and Jack is the mischievous one. As time passes by, in the burst of passion, the two reveal what has been simmering since the day they met.

Girl’s Night in With Satellite TV

While usually guy’s night out involves something that has to do with drinking and football or some sort of activity that centers around hanging out at someone else’s house, girl’s night has often meant an evening where you and your female friends spend a lot of time getting spruced up. Sometimes, that can be a lot of fun, but other times, it feels a bit more obligatory. After all, if the guys can just kick back and enjoy themselves hanging out and watching the game, why would you want to assume that you can’t have the same kind of fun on your own, too?

The Mentalist – The Red Box – Is This the End of Agent Lisbon?

This article is a summary of The Mentalist: The Red Box episode. The article highlights the interactions between the actors and discusses the potential end of Agent Lisbon.

I Am Mad About Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Read this Alice in Wonderland review of the 3D film in theaters now. Tim Burton pairs once again with Johnny Depp to deliver a sequel of Disney’s original. I am extremely mad about Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland 3D (Rated PG).

When Television Became a Political Slugfest

Talk shows such as those I’ve just mentioned were not always so readily available. That’s because for most of television’s sixty year or more history viewers enjoyed much more limited access to programming than what is available today.

The Day That TV Turned Me Into a Fan of Boxing and Wrestling

It all started years ago when I was very young, just a boy. I had already become enamored with professional baseball (loved the Dodgers, than the Mets) and had begun to develop an appreciation for professional football. To me, even while I was quite young, the NFL seemed to be the sporting equivalent of war… a continuing battle to gain territorial advantage.

A Structuralist Approach to Maruja and Eternity

The romantic flicks Maruja and Eternity are two good movies that greatly show how a typical Filipino-romance movie is all about. These two, though made and shown at different times, Maruja in 1996 and Eternity in 2006, both tell a story of two young people who fell in love and failed in the past, but their love, being true, transcended time.

Five Great Friday Night Alternatives With Satellite TV

If you’ve been trying to find ways to save money but aren’t quite sure how to best go about things, then you might want to decide to look towards what’s already around in the house. For example, opting to enjoy a DVD that you already own instead of going out and renting one or spending money at the theater is a great way to make the best of what you already have while keeping your budget more reasonable. But sometimes, watching the same movie endlessly can get a little old, and you feel like finding a better way to have fun rather than just feeling the strain of the limits of a budget.