Who is Princess Tiana?

Yes, there’s a new Disney Princess in town destined to be hailed as a positive role model for all young girls regardless of ethnic background. No doubt, Princess Tiana will inspire a few of us old folk too!

Celebrate Your Sweetie With Classic Romantic Movies on Satellite TV

‘Tis the season for love, and many hopeless romantics, or romantically hopeless lads and ladies may be asking themselves how to put love in the air this holiday season. The old standbys may seem outdated and done to death, but trying something new and daring may put Prince or Princess Charming at risk of utter defeat.

Catch the Best Classic Movies and Upcoming Remakes on Satellite TV

Sometimes you just can’t improve on an original, but sometimes, just sometimes, the original leaves a whole lot of wiggle room. With some of the movies we love to catch while watching satellite TV there’s just nothing better than an old classic. Although they may not be in high definition, the characters are lovable, the morals on point, and the scripts written with far more care than many computer animated feature films today.

Super Bowl Commercials in HD 3D

The Super Bowl was first played in 1967 and is the championship game of each National Football League (NFL) season. It is always played on a Sunday, which is where the name Super Bowl Sunday comes from, in the beginning of the New Year, and usually in February. It is one of the highest viewed programs of the year, not just the highest viewed sports program, with people nationwide tuning in through their satellite TV.

Animal Planet is in High Definition

The ability to watch shows and movies in high definition on satellite TV’s high definition channels is one of the best aspects of a satellite TV package. With high definition, the spectator’s viewing experience is greatly enhanced and the viewing experience is at its best.

Bring the Movies to Your Home With Satellite TV

Taking your family to the movies these days costs a small fortune. Each ticket is $10, plus you have to figure in the cost of popcorn, soft drinks, and candy. By the time it’s all said and done, all you can think about through the movie was how expensive the entire ordeal was. For the same price you paid during your last visit to the movie theater, you could benefit from premium movie channels and new movie rentals directly accessible on your television screen, available through a satellite TV provider.

Satellite Television – As Good As Going to the Movies

Hollywood is spending more money today than it ever has before, and the results are obvious. With each passing year, we are seeing movies that are bigger and better, complete with the latest unbelievable special effects and crystal clear sound. For this reason, going to the movies has become more popular than ever. Many families plan movie nights. On these nights, all the members of a family get together and head to their local theater to see the newest films. Or sometimes, instead of going to the movies, families head to their local video rental store and pick up a few films to watch at home. Once home, they create a little theater in the house by dimming the lights and making popcorn. These are two great ways to spend time as family. Recently, a new way has appeared that is perfect for families that love to watch movies together. This new option is called satellite TV. It is a huge breakthrough in the way that movies can be seen at home.

Extraordinary Measures – An Extraordinary Movie

My boyfriend and I spent a typical weekday afternoon at the mall, with one exception. We saw an extraordinary movie called Extraordinary Measures. It stars Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser and is based on a true story.

Halloween 3D Ideas

Excited for the upcoming Halloween 3D movie? Me too. Share your ideas.

Are “Yardies” Jamaica’s Most Dangerous Export? – A Review of Yardies – The Jamaican Don

Yardies – The Jamaican Don is a documentary that gives background into the Jamaican underworld that has plagued Jamaica, Canada, England and the United States for well over 20 years. This is no “don’t worry be happy” documentary. This documentary gives insight into the origin of the “badman” culture that is sometimes glorified in dancehall reggae. There are unique insights into an element of the Jamaican Immigration experience that is well over looked.

Halloween 3D – Too Many Movies?

Is a third Halloween unnecessary? Or should we critique other upcoming movies instead?

Looking For Genuine Celebrity Autographs?

Fake autographs being sold on the internet are a serious problem. People are shelling out there hard-earned money on what they think are genuine autographs but turn out to be fakes manufactured by scammers. Reputable companies such as eBay are falling victim to fake autographs as they are easy to pass them off as authentic. The seller will provide an image and a description of the autograph and to the oblivious buyer it looks authentic. Most companies send certification of authenticity with their product but even these can be forged thus deceiving the consumer even more.