Movie Review – We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) (R)

Are monsters born, or are they made? It’s obvious that Eva (Tilda Swinton) was ambivalent about her pregnancy, and by the time her son Kevin was born, she realized that having a child was never something she wanted. Throughout all stages of the Kevin’s life, we see just how aware he is of his mother’s indifference, and how he uses it against her.

Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

The opening scene tells all – Sherlock Holmes is still a master of disguise, highly skilled as a martial artist, capable of conjuring amazingly accurate premonitions of future events, and can slow down time through momentary meditation. He’s still good with the ladies, quick with his tongue, and proficient with the impossible. He’s still absolutely nothing like the Sherlock Holmes authored by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or any other filmic adaptation.

Movie Review: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is entertaining enough, with its globe trotting adventures, high-stakes tactical espionage, life-or-death extraction methods, white-knuckle infiltration and creative interrogation channels; but for all its nonstop action, it’s indiscernible from every other Mission: Impossible movie or contemporary James Bond flick. The same obligatory catfights, amplified sound effects, hand-to-hand combat sequences, car chases, and literal suspensions from various vertiginous buildings make their way into this stunt-stuffed visual extravaganza. The light-hearted mindlessness of it all is a pleasant break from darker competition this holiday season, but there is still absolutely nothing new about Ethan’s latest assignment, despite being…

Explore Talent in You to Make Your Opportunities Count

Talent is a combination of skills, abilities, passion and strengths. All of us have some kind of talent or the other in us, but it takes a lot of dedication and determination to explore them and build careers out of them. Success comes only with implementation of ideas, persistence and hard work.

Strive To Explore Talent That Is Hidden Within You to Touch Success

If a talent is not exhibited in a productive manner, then it would go down the drain without exploiting the opportunity of making it big. Many of the people do not open up and put their talents to proper use. However, there are a few who make the most out of it.

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Film and TV Extra

If you have ever dreamed of or even just wondered about being a TV or film extra, this article is for you. After spending a lot of time looking for extra work myself and getting jobs on a few high profile films, I hope to be able to give you all the information you need on being an extra and how to find work yourself. This article is aimed more towards people seeking extra work in the UK but I’m sure plenty of the tips will help others in countries worldwide.

Bollywood After 9/11 – The Depiction of Islam and the West in Indian Cinema

Most people view Bollywood film as sing song and melodrama, light and entertaining but lacking in any real depth. In this article, the author (who wrote his PhD dissertation on Bollywood film) challenges the reader to re-think Bollywood along the lines of a possible alternative cinematic narrative, especially as regards the controversial post 9/11 issues, which Indian cinema has taken up in ways which are challenging to the US and the West. This is particularly so in Bollywood’s depiction of Moslems as cinematic subjects as opposed to their traditional depiction as cinematic objects in Hollywood and Western film.

What Makes a Good Bollywood Website?

Let’s just admit it! Bollywood movie songs are a must have to set the party mood at home or when you are with your friends. But finding the right Bollywood film videos or Bollywood movie songs can be difficult if you don’t know where to look.

Things You Need to Know With Freeview HD

To enjoy freeview HD, you will need to have a digital box installed on top of your television or better yet, buy a new HD digital television with the right tuner to receive high definition transmissions. Read more…

White Collar – An Overview

A summer review series of the USA networks drama lineup. I’ve got to admit, when it comes to cooking up characters, USA really knows what it’s doing. Enter Neal Caffrey, the charming con man turned Criminal Confidential Informant working under strict supervision at the New York branch in the FBI’s division of White Collar crime.

The Arrested Development Effect

Arrested Development. The great comedy of the last decade. I’m sure everyone who watches television has seen, or at least heard of, this comedy. After Fox decided to pull the plug on the series after 3 seasons of sub par ratings is when the series really took off.

THE HARRY POTTER SERIES – An Exploration of Multi-Dimensionality?

The Harry Potter series: An epic story about the dismantling of the inter-dimensional dark matrices. This is not so much a review of the Harry Potter movies as it is a spiritual analysis of the series in general from my point of view. Some of my friends told me that the Harry Potter series was very spiritual. I innocently enjoyed reading the books and viewing the films and never thought about it until I watched the very last film in the Harry Potter series (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2). It hit me that the Harry Potter stories are all about dismantling the dark energetic patterns in the astral plane. I’ve recently been studying the experiences of people who inter-dimensionally travel and how they work in inter-dimensional realms during sleep and while awake.