Five Secrets To Finding A Cinema Near Me

It is no secret that in the United States we love our movies. Any day of the week, relaxing and seeing a movie after a busy day of work or dinner is a favorite way to spend the evenings and nights for most. Movies allow us to enter a new world of possibilities while simultaneously learning about our own. There is nothing difficult about sitting down, opening your mind, and letting a movie sweep you away- except for maybe finding the perfect theater to watch it. For that we have you covered. Here are five secrets to finding a cinema near me.

The Best Breweries Near Me Also Show Movies

American consumers are constantly raising the bar on the services and products they are willing to spend their hard earned cash on. Meanwhile, the craft beer craze continues to grow as newer and more innovative brews are created and made wildly popular. Local brew houses and craft beers are quickly gaining in popularity and-when combined as one industry- are beginning to seriously compete with big name brands. But, were you aware that some of the best breweries for local craft beer also actually show movies in a theater as well? If you are wondering, “where are the best breweries near me?”- read on.

Five Great Action Movies You Should Take A Date To

Nothing can destroy the bond that is forged in the hot fires of mutual adoration for an intense and memorable action sequence. In fact, seeing good action movies can elevate more than just your heart rate, it can elevate your mutual attraction with your date. With many movies coming out each week, it is hard to select the best flicks to go to. Some cinemas regularly screen some of the best action films- even if they aren’t new releases. Here are five great ones you should take your date to.

How To Find Movie Theaters Near Me That Serve Food

Every once in a while, I like to sit down with my parents, and we get to talking about the way life has changed since they were kids. I try to put in my two cents about my own childhood, but as soon as I mention things such as the movie theaters near me & what they offered patrons for a certain dollar amount, my parents roll their eyes. Obviously, things were different between our generations. Later, though, I started thinking about the while movie theater thing, and I realized that for all of my parents’ eye-rolling, we might have more in common than they thought.

Seven Family Movies Your Preschooler Will Love

Over the years, the notion of what makes family movies what they claim to be has changed radically. There was a time when a family movie took the time to craft characters by casting consummate actors who could really deliver a performance and having scripts that told harrowing stories. Nowadays, animation seems to have taken over in order to appeal specifically to children, with film critics highlighting the often similar plots for many of these movies. What about the rest of the family?

Three Movies Out Now That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

You might be like a lot of people out there who have often bemoaned the dreadful state of the movies out now, and in some cases, your attitude is arguably valid. Then again, we are experiencing quite a diverse amount of unique movie making right now that it really is hard to simply say, “Everything is just bad.” In fact, it can probably be argued that the movies out now are some of the most refreshing movies that have been out in a while.

Ten Sitcom Characters Who Get Upset When Friends Date Their Relatives

In a recent letter to a syndicated advice columnist, a woman was stressing about her discomfort regarding a romantic relationship that she was not even in. The couple involved, however, happened to be her best friend and a cousin with whom she grew up. The writer admitted to having some misgivings about the romantic alliance, torn between hope that it would lead to happiness but worried how it might affect her personally.

Billionaires in Space: A Critique of Problem Areas

Is it problematic for billionaires to invest in space travel and space technology? Is it a means for escape from a troubled planet?

The Walking Dead Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is on the way, and one of the best approaches to take with your costume this year is to pick a recognizable icon from one of everyone’s favorite TV shows. For a really scary twist, you can try dressing up like one of the zombies from The Walking Dead. Not only will people be startled out of their wits when you come shuffling around, but you’ll be bringing back the undead atmosphere that Halloween is supposed to be about anyway.

Roseanne’s Dan Conner Joins A Long List Of Sitcom Characters Who Were Mistakenly Declared Dead

When the decision to revive the sitcom Roseanne was made, one of the problems had to do with the character of Dan Connor. The husband of the title character, played by actor John Goodman, had been declared dead after a heart attack in the finale of the last season two decades ago. The writers, much like Hollywood versions of Victor Frankenstein, found a creative way to bring Dan back to life.

Five Family Movies That Will Bring Your Family Closer

Going to the movies can take on many roles, some of which are a bit more important to others. While most people might think that a movie being a cultural phenomenon or a movie of a generation might be pretty important, nearly everyone will discount how important family movies can be in general. Depending on who you ask, this may be more of a commentary on how society is changing, but it might just be that family movies are made for only some members of the family.

Can We Guess Which Movies Playing Near Me You’ll Love?

So, and you’ll think this is totally weird, but a few of our mutual friends & I have been talking about you, the kind of movies you like to watch, and the kind of movie outings that you find the most intriguing. We really want to ask you a question – can we guess which movies playing near me you’ll love?