Eva Green’s Career Up to Casino Royale

One of the strong points of 2006 Bond film Casino Royale was the casting of Eva Green as femme fatal Vesper Lynd. Her casting came late and was only confirmed after principal photography had started on location in the Bahamas. Upon signing she was jetted over to the Bahamas for a photo shoot with Daniel Craig and Caterina Murino who played the sacrificial lamb Solange.

Movie Review: Contraband (2012)

Yes, Contraband is just another “check-your-brain-at-the-door” action film, but why can’t it still be believable? Much of the suspense and adventure feels created just for the sake of escalation and adds nothing to the plot, the characters, or the intensity. Plan A doesn’t work so our protagonists must move on to a more difficult Plan B.

Indian Television: Revamped

Indian television has come a long way since its inception in 1959. It has become one of the biggest industry and a widely accessed medium of communication. This evolution has been taking place over many years, in phases.

The Best Independent Horror Movies of 2011

In a previous post, I discussed the sad state of mainstream horror. Actually, that was my original intention.

Daniel Craig: The Man Who Became James Bond

Daniel Craig is best known these days for his gritty portrayal of James Bond in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, but he first came to prominence in the United Kingdom on the television series “Our Friends In The North” in which he played a character called Geordie. He appeared on the big screen in a number of roles, including Lara Croft: Tomb Raider opposite Angelina Jolie and in Road to Perdition, with Tom Hanks and Paul Newman and directed by Sam Mendes. However, the film that brought him to the attention of James Bond co-producer Barbara Broccoli was…

Joyeux Noel (2005, French) – Merry Christmas, English

Joyeux Noel (2005, French) Director: Christian Carion Cast: Diane Kruger, Benno Furmann Guillaume Canet, Gary Lewis Genre: History, War. Plot: Christmas ceases the fire! Based on some real events/stories of WWI, Joyeux Noel simply leaves you speechless with its in-depth and immaculately scripted showcase. Music plays a vital role all through the movie, especially the Scottish bagpiper and German opera.

It’s Hunting Season: The Troll Hunter

So after much deliberation, I took 2 hours out of my day to watch the one of the last B-movies of 2011, The Troll Hunter. This Norwegian monster mockumentary follows a group of students as they attempt to uncover the truth when dead bears begin to show up. Manned with a camera, microphone, and boom the students begin their quest for the answer – Who (or what) is killing these bears?

Freaks 1932 Film

Freaks, which was released in 1932, tells the story of a group of sideshow performers that work a traveling carnival. The leader of the group, a midget named Hans, has a crush on a beautiful trapeze artist named Cleopatra. When Cleopatra learns that Hans is set to inherit a fortune, she, along with another performer named Hercules, scheme to steal Hans’ fortune.

A Guide to Freeview Television

Freeview television is getting a lot of attention nowadays and this is because a lot of people are really trying to make sure that they will get the best television viewing experience available, in fact, it is a well noted truth that a lot of broadcast stations will get an upsurge of viewers as soon as they shift into freeview television. Basically, freeview was first made in 2002 and because of its success, it has been copied time and time again by many countries since the original freeview TV model was able to get a huge following. All of…

Scandal (2012) TV Series Speculations and Rumours

The first season of a show is a vital thing, it needs to not only hook the audience into wanting more but it also needs to have a very particular type of ending. The ending of a shows premiere season needs to be a perfect balance of closure and mystery. If the show doesn’t get another season then it needs to needs to end well but if it does get picked up then there needs to be a jumping off point for further episodes. With ‘Scandal’ only having a 7 episode season it has a great deal of work to do in this respect, we needs to see some real character development in a short space of time. This can be a difficult task, most notably because the end result may end up feeling forced.

Movie Review of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

I have a confession: Tom Cruise is my own personal enigma. Time and time again, I cannot explain how I manage to find this man to be mindblowingly arrogant and quite frankly, a general weirdo, and yet I have LOVED just about every movie I have ever seen him in. It’s like a twisted form of admiration that even I don’t quite understand, because I am serious when I say this: I REALLY don’t like him.

Sister Dorothy and the Fate of the Amazon Rainforest

Why was a nun from Ohio that was trying to save the Amazon rainforest shot in the head? The ranching and logging interests in the frontier of the Amazon are powerful, but they are not invincible.