Top Movies Of 2011 Put Through The Blender

With every change of the year comes the great anticipation on what the entertainment industry holds for its audience. Will the crowd be tantalized with meaty fare to bite their teeth into or oozing emotions to satisfy the hopeless romantic?

Best Movies of 2010

Tangled and Tron are on the list of the best movies of 2010. There are many good movies produced in the year 2010. The article below shows a few movies on the list.

Upcoming Top Comedy Movies for 2011

There a few upcoming top comedy movies for 2011, which are worth your time. The Dilemma, released on January 14th and directed by Ron Howard tells of how far one could bend a brotherly tie before it snaps completely. Bachelor Ronny has been best friends with married Nick since college and the duo has been through thick and thin together.

Movie Review: The Watchers (2010)

“Have you ever felt like you were being followed?” This is the question that immediately sets the tone for director Sy Cody White’s exciting and visually stunning thriller short, The Watchers. With the utterance of this chilling line from lead actor Jeff Moffitt (who also co-wrote and co-produced the film with White), White immediately draws the viewer in to the story of average Wall Street accountant John Porter and his efforts to flee a series of haunting scenarios involving a number of nameless strangers who follow Porter, turning up everywhere in his life, driving him to the brink of insanity.

Top Horror Movies of All Time

Good movies seldom appear but the ones that do are forever etched in your mind. In this article, as remembrance, I would like to write about some of the top horror movies of all time. The first and foremost is The Exorcist, directed by William Friedkin in the year 1973, starring Jason Miller as Father Karras who begins to doubt his faith when his mother is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Upcoming Top Horror Movies of 2011

Good horror movies are hard to come by. So, how exactly do you differentiate the good ones from the rotten ones? I compiled a list of upcoming top horror movies of 2011.

Most Anticipated Movies of 2011

2011 is a year worth looking forward to as many action-packed movies that have been anticipated would be screened at this year. As a result, I have put together a list of the top 3 anticipated movies of 2011. With high expectations of previous series viewers, Transformers 3 is definitely one of the anticipated movies of 2011.

Blu Ray Disc Players

There have been various technologies that have risen in terms of consumer audio and video experience. What generations of the past were able to enjoy are now a far cry from what we have today. From TV and movie viewing to music listening, a lot of developments have given us richer and deeper pleasures. Back then, the black-and-white TV was much appreciated and now, plasma TV and LCD technologies have entered the scene. We can now enjoy watching movies with higher quality than we could ever imagine. From the long playing albums or LP’s to CD’s and DVD’s, we now can listen to music and other audio files with higher precision. And in the world of optical discs, we now enjoy the best with the blu ray technology.

How to Get a Real Deal on Regal Movie Tickets

The largest and most popular operator of movie houses in America is the Regal Entertainment Group, which owns a number of chains of theaters and cinemas nationwide. Regal Cinema, Edwards Theaters, and the United Artists Theater are just three of the most recognized theaters owned by the company. Consolidated in 2002, the group is now America’s number one chain of theaters operating more than 6,770 theaters nationwide over 39 States.

Movie Review: Socks and Cakes (2010)

Writer and director Antonio Padovan’s comedy / drama short Socks and Cakes, about five people who gather together for a dinner party and reveal hidden truths about themselves, is a perceptive, intelligent short that boasts snappy dialogue, crisp camera work and fine ensemble acting. Even if the film is only fifteen minutes, Socks and Cakes is proof that you can still tell an interesting story in a short amount of time.

Who Is More Popular Shahrukh Khan Or Manmohan Singh?

Shahrukh Khan is the actor number one in Hindi film. Manmohan Singh is the Prime Minister of India. Since they are from different fields, it is not proper to compare them. Sharukh Khan and Manmohan Singh are the super stars in their own fields, which are entirely different. Manmohan Singh is more known for his good deeds than Shahrukh Khan.

On Those Shows We Love That End Too Soon

Terriers was arguably the best new show of 2010, but shortly after its finale this season, fans of the show found out that it would be the series finale and not just the season finale.  Ratings for the gritty FX drama about two buddy detectives looking for trouble were catastrophically low for its entire run, but Terriers’ cancellation was still greeted with sorrow at what could have been.