Sweet Smell Of Success

Sweet Smell of Success is, perhaps, the most sharply-scripted movie in the history of movies. A vitriolic attack on the power of the press from the pen of Clifford Odets.

Suspiria – An Overrated Horror Movie

Suspiria, the 1977 Italian horror movie directed by Dario Argento, has long been acclaimed as a “classic” by many horror fans. However, as much as I love Italian horror movies and as much as I admire Argento’s work, I have to say that Suspiria just did not do it for me. In fact, I think it is rather an overrated horror movie, and an extremely dull one at that.

Sitcom Characters Who Panic When They Find Gray In Their Hair

At a recent reunion of several colleagues, none of whom I had seen in two years, several mentioned that I had grown balder. Another one remarked that the hair I had left had mostly grown grayer, and I had to agree with both observations. We then pondered which sign of aging was the worse of the two, going bald or going gray.

How To Unite Your Love Of Beer And Love Of Movies For One Great Evening

In today’s world, many more people find themselves bored of the same old activity of passively staring at a big screen. What they do not realize, is that they can elevate their movie-going experience with a little culture. In other words, craft beer and movies go well together! Combining new foods and beverages with a movie-going outing can take an ordinary evening and transform it into a memorable night. You just have to know where to search and how to plan in order to achieve a night of greatness.

Headed Out To The Movies? Try These Alternatives To The Usual Theater Experience

When it is time to plan your Friday night entertainment, you may find yourself reaching for the familiar movie-going ticket. But if you find yourself in an entertainment rut, you may be searching for alternatives to the usual theater experience. Passively staring at a movie screen can be a relaxing ritual, but it can also be boring. If you are looking for something to take your movie trips to the next level, then consider the following alternatives:

Every Actor Needs a Strategy

Whether you are a professional actor, have worked a little or are just starting out, you constantly have to redefine where you are at in your acting career and have a game plan to move forward. You very much have to think of yourself of the “product” and find the best way to market yourself. That requires you to shift the lens from the artist to the business person.

Buzz Around the Upcoming Film Philluari

There have been a lot of speculations around the upcoming film Philluari. It is a Hindi film that is based on romantic comedy genre. The film has been directed by Anshai Lal.

Amazon Prime – The Benefits of Online Video Streaming

How good is Amazon Instant video Subscription? By most accounts, the $99 per year cost is more than worthwhile. First of all, they offer you an a la carte style of movie selection, where you can pick from a variety of genres in the onscreen interface.

The Apartment

What’s the greatest movie ever made? For my money, it’s Billy Wilder’s comedy-drama The Apartment. Fine performances from Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine and a razor-sharp script from master storyteller Wilder.

Film Review of Malayalam Film ‘Ezra’

Set through the happenings in a Jewish family in Kerala in the 1940s, ‘Ezra’ is a film about Jewish traditions and what happens to those who transgress them. It is also a film about the power of exorcism and of reincarnation when the spirit of one dead enters the body of another living being a long while later.

Female Heroines of the Galaxy (in Memory of Carrie Fisher)

Princess Leia wasn’t the only woman able to hold her own against galactic villains. See other females around the galaxy!

2 Great Valentine’s Day Horror Movies

If you’re an ardent horror movie fan, are totally in love with your partner as another Valentine’s Day approaches, and want something a little more dark to watch as you cuddle up together on the sofa, rather than the same old sloppy rom com, then here are two great Valentine’s Day horror movies you might like to check out. 1. Valentine (2001) – Directed by Jamie Banks and starring Denise Richards and Marley Shelton, Valentine is the perfect slasher movie to watch on the night of universal romance.