Finding Acting Auditions for Movies

The stiff competition may water down your expectations of getting auditioned. It is therefore very important to ensure that one makes the necessary preparations by knowing the best ways that you can use in finding these auditions.

How to Audition For a Movie

There are many people who manage to get an audition for a movie but the main problem comes when they don’t know what to do next to make this possible. This is because a majority of them do not have a clue on how to audition for a movie especially if they are beginners.

‘Living In the Material World’ – More Than Just a Pop Biopic

There have been some great movie releases recently, which have prompted a visit to my local flea pit with more frequency than is normal, in the last couple of months. After absorbing them and thoroughly enjoying each one, none has made such a lasting impression than Martin Scorsese’s biopic of George Harrison’s life ‘Living in the Material World.’ Produced by Olivia Harrison, George’s wife, this film shows the remarkable journey of a man, who as his wife explains in the documentary managed to live five lifetimes in one. It is the human side of George, which shines…

Movie Review: New Year’s Eve

In 2010, the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day was released in theatres, and it showcased the lives of a group of Los Angeles natives who go through heartbreak and romance on one Valentine’s Day. Because of the success that it received in the box office, Warner Brothers decided to make a sequel of the movie, which is New Year’s Eve. Want to know more about this upcoming film? Continue reading this movie review.

Movie Review: Alvin and the Chipmunks – Chipwrecked

In 2010, the producers at 20th Century Fox announced that there would be a third installment of Alvin and the Chipmunks, which would be done in 3D. By reading this movie review, you will get a synopsis of what the third installment of this movie is all about.

Good OLD Movies

There are many movies out in the world these days, I find it funny that I am sitting here, only 20 years old, and still prefer to watch the older movies. My obsession lately has been with World War movies, in particular World War 2. I just love how fresh and honest the world was back in those days.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – A Short Biography

Sarah Michelle Gellar is probably best known for her portrayal of Buffy in the 1992 movie of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but she has many other acting, producing and singing credits to her name. Sarah Michelle Gellar is her professional name as she took her husband’s name of Prinze when they married.

Once Upon A Time The Storyteller Was The Star

A lot of people who attended film school will tell you that using a voice over narration in a film is wrong. Word of mouth story telling is becoming a lost art and that is basically what a voice over narration is.

Why Is There Not More English Comedy on US Television?

In a market as vast and assorted as North America certainly there is extra room within the television comedy arena for the good old fashioned British sitcom. It appears nonetheless that the large stations favor the homegrown kind and the classic English comedy finds itself relegated to the local PBS stations. What is responsible for this phenomena?

How To Make A Horror Movie Viral Video

The most popular subject among horror movies fans these days are Zombies. With a minimum of costuming and special effects even amateur zombie movies can look pro.

Animals Starring In Christmas Movies

Humans and fictional characters are not the only ones who star during Christmas films. Pet lovers and children can also enjoy watching films about their favorite pet buddies and their adventures during Christmas. Truly, this celebration is for everyone, not just for imaginary characters but also for our lovable furry friends.

Green Lantern

“In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!” The above oath is one sworn by every member of the Green Lantern Corps, a galactic peacekeeping force and a major institution in the DC Comic’s universe. The oath is also one that was sworn by a human (a relatively young and unproven species as it turns out) for the very first time by the character Hal Jordan, whose origin as the first Green Lantern to call Earth home is chronicled in the 2011 film Green Lantern.