Tower Heist – It’s Not Just a Robbery, It’s Payback

Tower Heist was brought into being around 6 years ago when Eddie Murphy had an idea for an all black Oceans 11 starring himself and others like Martin Lawrence and Chris Tucker, but as the idea was being formulated Eddie decided to leave the project and director Brett Ratner eventually came up with the film we have now with Murphy rejoining the cast. The film centers around a high rise exclusive apartment building where apartments cost millions to buy and residents are waited on hand and foot, the place we would all love to live. The filming took place in New York City, on a budget of $85 million and Trump International Hotel & Tower was used for exterior filming.

A Poor Man’s Ocean’s Eleven

In Hollywood parlance, “A poor man’s [fill in the blank]” is a term used to refer to a lesser version of an established brand noun. For example, without meaning disrespect, for years Joan Collins had the distinction of being “the poor man’s” Elizabeth Taylor or (initially) the television series “Airwolf” being the “poor man’s” “Blue Thunder” in the 1980s. Upon the death of actor/comedian Bernie Mac, George Clooney was reported to have said that the Ocean series of films were done as he couldn’t see them being made with the late actor.

How Sad It Is To Hunt High And Low For a Classic Film Never To Find It?

Some people are ecstatic over action movies. They are glued to the screen watching things explode. They get heavily into watching people hunt down killer tornados.

Movie Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

The Twilight Saga is a movie a recreation of the book written by Melissa Rosenberg and since the release of the very first Twilight, there has been a really loyal fan base that have people following up on every episode of this very captivating series. This movie is directed by Bill Condon and has stars in it such as Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob; Kristen Stewart who everyone knows plays Bella, and Robert Pattinson, the star behind the sexy vampire character Edward. Other stars in this movie includes: Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Kellan Lutz, Nikki…

Which TV Channels For Kids Are The Best?

If you are a parent, you know that most kids enjoy watching TV. Even though they like to watch cartoons and other programming aimed at their interests, you want the programming to be quality as well. That’s why making sure you have located the best TV channels for kids so you can guide what they see is important.

Movie Review: Hugo

This movie review or comment is about Hugo. Among the movies I am looking forward to seeing the most this fall is Hugo, Martin Scorsese’s latest work. Derived from the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret, the movie, features Asa Butterfield in the starring role as Hugo Cabret, an boy who is orphaned and living a life of secret in the walls of a train station in Paris, in the 1930s.

Movie Review: Jack and Jill

The comment or movie review in this article comes about after I had the recent exhilarating pleasure of watching Jack and Jill, the new Adam Sandler work of art; it is being described as such in view of the fact that movie or film is way too narrow a word to describe this latest piece of work. Jack and Jill was Amazing!

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Silent Movie

Starring Shakespearian actor John Barrymore, and directed by John S Robertson, this silent movie production was made in 1920 at Paramount’s Astoria studios New York and is the fourth of over 120 film versions of Robert Louis Stephenson’s macabre novel. It proved a tremendous success at the box office. It seems one cannot over-act in this medium especially if one is portraying such extremes of character. Barrymore had to change from the upright, friendly and amiable manner of Henry Jekyll to the hateful, vile and hideous appearance of Edward Hyde and back again, all without the help of trick photography. In many film versions of books we get characters and story lines that are unfaithful to the original. And this production is no exception. One example is Gina played by the tempestrous actress Nita Naldi. Nevertheless her inclusion is in keeping with the theme as I can understand why Henry is tempted by this sexy dancer.

How Does Apple TV Work – The Explanation You Are Looking For

You may have heard a little about Apple TV and you may be wondering, exactly how does Apple TV work? This device is different than a PVR, because it accesses the internet. It works in conjunction with your iTunes account, or you can have several other connections, depending upon what you want to view

Movie Review – Tower Heist (2011) (PG-13)

Brett Ratner’s Tower Heist is a triumph of casting and performance over plot, which is admittedly far-fetched and rather ridiculous. It is, essentially, a cross between a crime caper and a revenge fantasy – and a timely one at that, given the recent Bernie Madoff scandal and the current Wall Street protests, which has left so many people in a state of unrest. Here is a movie intentionally designed to be a crowd pleaser; it’s not an enriching experience, but it provides you with several good laughs, and it ends on an immensely satisfying note.

Movie Review – A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas (2011) (R)

Has it come to this? A 3D stoner comedy? A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas spends almost all of its eighty-nine minutes shoving this process down our throats, as if we didn’t already know it was nothing more than a gimmick concocted by fad-frenzied filmmakers. In the course of this movie, we will have to watch as eggs, a ping pong ball, human fists, a claymation penis, a cane that shoots confetti, a winking baby Jesus manger doll, broken glass, a charred Christmas tree, blood, a gigantic joint, and of course, marijuana smoke assault our field of vision as they come flying off of the screen.

Why Shakespeare Was a Fraud – The Top 10 Arguments

If we try to take a dispassionate view of Shakespeare there is an awful lot that doesn’t appear to quite “stack up”. Shakespeare had neither the psychological, social nor educational profiles to be the author of the great works that have been attributed to his name. He had a vocabulary of at least 20,000 words and to have created around 2,000 new words for the dictionary. It does seem a little rich when you consider Shakespeare only went as far as high school, came from parents who were illiterate and he had two daughters, Susanna and Judith, both of whom were themselves illiterate. It makes you think doesn’t it…?