2011 Oscar Contenders

The 2011 Oscars are coming up in February 2011 but there are a number of films out already that have valid claims for the top honours. Read below for more.

5 Reasons Women Love Romance Movies

Since the beginning of cinema, romance movies have been well loved – predominately by women. Today, when a new romantic comedy or drama hits theaters, it’s the perfect excuse for a ladies’ night gathering. Many men (and even a few women) have wondered what it is about this genre of film that draws women in.

Peruvian Soap Operas – 3 Of The Worst

Televised soap operas are popular in Peru, even though they are often not produced there. Shown in the evening, they come primarily from Venezuela, Mexico and India and attract a wide following. Get in touch with the trashy side of Peru – pick up a remote control and start flicking channels for one of these three Peru soap operas.

The Works of Adam Sandler

Do you remember Adam Sandler, the famous comedian of yesteryear? What he brought to the movies was pure comedy and fun. Though not very fond of stand up comedy he stole shows with his prank call albums and novelty songs.

Top Latin Actors to Watch in HD

Latin influence is constantly growing in the United States, from the increase in use of the Spanish language in important communications to the popularity of artists like Shakira, Pitbull, and Aventura, to the ubiquity of Mexican food joints – both family-style restaurants and fast-food chains – all across the United States. This has increased the interest in Latin actors. Whether they are from South or Central American or from Iberian Spain, these Spanish-speaking actors are some of the hottest in the business. They are finding fame not just on the obscure Spanish indie cinema channel that you get with your comprehensive cinephile television package, but also in the Hollywood blockbusters and television shows you love to watch in high definition. Here are some of the hottest actors to watch today!

Movies of Sean Penn

Sean Penn is one actor who seems to love attracting controversies. Whether by design or by chance he is always in the center of one or the controversy and cannot remain out of site for long. He may be famous controversial figure, but the press also likes him for his acting abilities and keep talking about his films at all times.

Marking Movies of Adam Sandler

When you think of Comedy the one name that stands out in your memory is that of Adam Sandler. He was really talented for he had no real interest in stand up comedy but the way he played around with the prank call albums and novelty songs is what made him so interesting. Ever since he got into movie scenes, he never looked back.

HG Wells: Reinventing the Literary Wheel

Herbert George Wells was an English novelist and prolific writer. His many works included contemporary novels, writings on history, along with political and social commentary. He is, to most of us, most familiar for his science fiction novels. Wells, and author Jules Verne, are considered to be the foremost innovators of the science fiction genre and have been referred to as the “fathers of science fiction.”

Marlon Brando – The Wild One

The Wild One starring Marlon Brando is an loosely based adaptation of a real-life 1947 incident that happened during a Fourth of July weekend in Hollister, California, when a gang of motorcyclists converged on and overwhelmed the small town for two days. The original story, by Frank Rooney, was published in Harper’s Magazine in January of 1951 and titled “The Cyclists Raid.”

Best Movies of 2010

Shutter Island Creepy all the way through, Hitchcock would have been proud. This film makes you uneasy and uncomfortable, the exact reaction it is going for. Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio need to team up every year so we have at least one great film to watch!

Hot Shots: One Spoofy Comedy

On a battleship in the ocean many fighter jets are taking off. A jet gets into trouble and has to eject. Mail Man’s seat doesn’t eject in time and crashes.

Ray Harryhausen – Creator of Movie Magic

For movie fans and creators alike, the name Ray Harryhausen brings to mind a film industry genius. His imagination and creativity paved the way for pre-cgi special effects innovation. Without a doubt, Ray Harryhausen set the stage for strengthening the visual power of motion pictures.