Hindi Movies

Indian film industry is considered as world’s largest film industry in terms of ticket sales and number of movies produced and released in a year. In total almost 800 movies are produced every year and Hindi movies aka Bollywood movies comprise almost 20% of the total production.

Lofts in the Movies

Lofts have come a long way from the days when they housed struggling artists in abandoned industrial buildings. Indeed, Hollywood has helped fuel the fascination for lofts by showcasing their high ceilings, open spaces and expansive windows. For certain directors, loft spaces have been instrumental to the plot.

The Biggest Secret For Getting on American Idol

Want to get on American Idol? The secret that will improve your chances dramatically may surprise you!

Iron Man 2 Generating Advance Excitement

Living in a testosterone-filled household like mine, with 3 teenage boys and a husband who still thinks visits to the comic book store are a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon, it’d be virtually impossible to escape the excitement and rumination over the approaching releases of the flick Iron Man 2. Dinner talks lately seem focused around whether Iron Man or War Machine is the better superhero and whether James Rhodes ( alto ego of War Machine ) provided the moral compass so necessary to restrain the extravagances of Tony Stark across the years.

Police Movies in the Western World

This article is about movies in America that feature police officers. Filmmakers the world over are enamored with movies about police forces and the numerous issues that come up when working in one.

Avatar – 40 Mins More With IMAX 3D

Avatar has already managed to make over $2 billion globally at the box office, but the studio behind the Oscar winning film, 20th Century Fox, still thinks they can make even more off the film at the box office. Director James Cameron stated in an interview that they are tossing around the idea of re-releasing the film into studios this year with deleted scenes included to give avid fans a reason to head back to the theatre.

The Original Spider-Man Series

Does anyone remember the original Spider-Man series on television? For those of you that don’t, I’ll give you a slightly vague but mostly comprehensive introduction to it.

Spider-Man’s Powers

The necessary evil – literally, it seems – of playing with action figures is that you need to have a bad guy. Usually. It seems this has been a mainstay for kids – typically boys – since the dawn of Creation. Well, if you’re playing with Spider-Man, you “just gotta have” Dr. Doom, as he tends to represent Old Spidey’s arch-enemy. But how does he beat Dr. Doom? What are his powers?

3D Television Technology

3D Televisions are due to further revolutionise the home entertainment experience. Following on from where flat screen TVs have finished.

The Rising Popularity of 3-Dimensional Entertainment

There has been a definite increase in the number of 3D movies and 3D games released for theaters and home gaming systems. The 3D genre has been around since the 1950s, but it has been relegated to more of a novelty than a mainstream media option.

What the Steady Camera Has Done For Movies

Regardless of your age or liking in terms of movies, the steady camera as probably touched you visually in some capacity or another. Yes, this harnessed based contraption allows the cameraman to create an extremely smooth shot despite perhaps not being on a very good surface. In addition, the cinematographer can also be even running or jogging while shooting the footage and the lapse of shaking or movement is literally incredible.

Zombies – Undead and Scary

There is nothing more scary than a zombie. This article outlines the basic rules of zombies and the way they are depicted in modern movies.