The Psychology of Entertainment

Entertainment is an experience most sought after and enjoyed by all of us. But the question is; what is its psychological cause? Why do human society, across all cultures and periods enjoy and seek out entertainment?

Element Metal Mastering – The Telekinetic

Did you watch Avatar: The Last Airbender the animated series? In these series which also known as Avatar: The Legend of Aang featured the elemental manipulation and Chinese martial arts. The journey of The Avatar with his friends was created and produced by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, who served as executive producers along with Aaron Ehasz.

A Look at Popular Zombie Movies

Horror movies in general are one of the most popular genres around. Zombie movies are a huge part of this popularity as a sub-genre. These films have been popular for a very long time, providing audiences with thrills and chills for decades.

The Dear Zachary Documentary

It would be bad of me to spoil this documentary for you. It’s a very touching documentary that grips and tugs at the heart. It’s sad and inspirational at the same time. The story comes from Kurt Kuenne, the director of this documentary. The doc is really a tribute for his childhood friend Andrew Bagby who was murdered in 2001.

7 Low Budget Film Making Tips to Help You Make Your First No Budget Film

Even if you are considering Film College, consider making your own no budget film before you even begin. This article gives you 7 low budget film making tips to help you make your first no budget film.

What’s Wrong With Remakes?

The American film industry is slated to release about 75 remakes in 2010, and while that number is unusually high, remakes are nothing new in Hollywood. So why does Bollywood get such a bad rap for remaking Hollywood films when Hollywood is guilty of the same thing?

Grab Your Goggles, We’re Going 3D

Over the past few years, we’ve all noticed a revival in 3D movies. From movies to Alice In Wonderland to Avatar and Shrek The Final Chapter, many recent blockbusters have made the jump to 3D.

Crazy Housewives Show

Did you see the New Jersey Housewives show tonight? Crazy, crazy Danielle. That woman is the absolute craziest person I have seen in a long time.

IPTV Movies on Demand

The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) provides you with a proactive and intelligent way of watching TV. Reach your desired channel by browsing through genres and catching a glimpse of the current programme being broad cast.

Top Movies of All Time

Who wouldn’t enjoy an afternoon with friends sitting on a huge couch and watching a famous movie? Surely everybody would try it at least once. And if it will be one that you’ll like, you will enjoy watching it again and again.

Why I Love Lucy is a Great Show

I Love Lucy is a great show for many reasons. If you have ever watched the show then you know why. It is old fashioned comedy at its best. It has a lot of great role models for people of all ages to watch.

Review About the TV Mini-Series Band of Brothers

The mini series Band of Brothers is thought to be certainly one of the most recommended warfare motion pictures ever created. Based on the book by Stephen Ambrose, the ten parts recount the actual story from the soldiers of Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Regiment of the American 101st Airborne. The mini series gets under way with their basic training at Toccoa, Georgia just before heading over to Great Britain as they prepare for a part with the D-Day Landings in Northern France.