Kabali Rajinikanth: The New Startup Phenomena

Kabali, a rage among startups! After all, it’s not every day that we hear so many startups either booking the entire cinema halls for their employees or giving them a day off on the release date of the movie. FreshDesk, Oyethere…

Philosophising – The Value of Humanity

I watched a movie over the weekend that was a really great philosophical, soul-searcher. It’s a new release called Eye in the Sky starring Alan Rickman and Helen Mirren that explores the ethics of drone missile strikes and raises some really interesting questions about the value of human life.

Movies – The Art of Visual Storytelling

When The Jungle Book movie released a few months ago, The Guardian in its review wrote that ‘hyper real digital animation meets old-fashioned storytelling’. Many wondered what the point was in remaking an old Walt Disney classic from the mid 1960s which was undoubtedly a brilliant musical masterpiece. Rudyard Kipling’s tale about a jungle boy growing up in the jungles of India was simply fascinating enough in the book version and the original animated version lived up to expectations.

Fictional TV Coaches Are Nearly As Short Tenured As Those In Real Life

Coaching staffs for football teams are preparing for the start on the 2016 season, which gets into full swing in less than one month from now. On the other hand, in the sport of baseball, several managers and coaches are right now worrying about their jobs after a disappointing first half of the season. The profession of coaching or managing is indeed a risky one, usually resulting in transplanting from city to city as positions open up.

7 Actors Who Played a Memorable Attorney on the Big Screen

Portraying an attorney on the big screen has always been an essential role for Hollywood’s best and brightest actors. Check out these seven thespians whose performances in the courtroom are unforgettable.

Classic Sitcom Characters Who Attend Memorable High School Reunions

This summer marked number 35 for me, and I celebrated it the same way I did all of my other high school class reunions. I stayed home. Of the 320 people who graduated with me way back in 1981, I have kept in touch with the half dozen I was close to back then.

Batman And Joker Halloween Costume Ideas

Batman first introduced in 1939 and is a character from the Batman comic book. Bruce Wayne, his alter ego is a multimillionaire and resident of the fictional city of Gotham.

What’s Next For Superman On Screen?

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is alive and thriving with the third installment of their universe coming this August, in the form of Suicide Squad. Currently, the Justice League cast are on the set cutting scenes and preparing for the long shoot they have ahead of them. With Justice League already filming it got me wondering, what is the next step in the Superman arc that is currently playing out in the DCEU?

Growing Popularity Of The South Indian Films Among Global Viewers In Recent Years

The South Indian film industry has been receiving tremendous admiration from the global film critics and movie lovers over the last few years. Besides the usual Hindi movies, people are also watching Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies with equal enthusiasm.

FCC Closed Captioning Rules Should Improve Television Viewing for Hard-Of-Hearing and ESL People

The main purpose of the latest set captioning rules is to make sure companies are doing the best they can to provide a quality service to those who rely on captioning. In the past, there were multiple issues that could make watching some programs very frustrating for people who are Deaf or have other hearing issues.

Pop-On and Roll-Up Captioning Defined

Pop-on and roll-up are the two styles of presentation commonly used in television captioning. Paint-on captions are sometimes used for special effects but are much less common. The CCP endorses the use of the pop-on style for all television captioning. WebVTT supports pop-on as well as paint-on captions.

Booming Wheels Of Creative Indian Cinema

In a precise conception of reality constructs, Cinema as an art has always been perceived as the most poignant medium to instill peculiar thoughts in the human mind and shape the ideologies in its desired form. Ever since Indian cinema commenced with the surreal outputs of real life incidents that appeared for public release with the emergence of Dadasaheb Phalke’s silent feature films like Raja Harishchandra, Lanka Dahan and Krishna Janma, it has been a subject of gradual headway of diverse varieties of themes incorporated.