Government Runs Out of Digital Converter Box Coupons, Now What Can You Do?

February 17th is coming up fast! That is when full-power TV stations across the country will be required to broadcast only digitally. The government created a system where each household in the US could apply for 2 coupons worth $40.00 that you could apply towards the purchase of the new DTV converter boxes required to receive the new over the air digital signals. However, the government has run out of coupons.

Top Chef New York Double Elimination Challenge

After the chefs were given a holiday reprieve in the last episode of Top Chef they vowed to redeem themselves in the next elimination challenge. Let’s see if they were able to do that.

Top 10 Best Action & Adventure Movies

Action and adventure movies are perhaps the most popular to be watched on the big screen. So what is it exactly that makes a great action adventure movie?

Cheap DVD Players – The Affordable Way of Entertainment

When the DVD players were not in the market, most people used laser discs to watch videos and that became very popular. But now, the cheap DVD players have completely replaced the laser disc in the market.

Are You Interested in Finding Some Quality Bollywood Sites Online?

Bollywood which originates from Hindi is the loose term popularly used for the Mumbai-based Hindi-language motion picture industry (Hindi cinema) in India. The term is frequently incorrectly used to relate to the whole of Indian cinema; when it is only a part of the Indian film industry. Bollywood is the biggest film producer in India and one of the largest in the world.

Hugh Jackman’s ‘Sexiest’ Secrets

Declared ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People magazine last November, Hugh Jackman must have some specific secrets to keep his body gorgeous. The 40-year-old Australian film, television and stage actor claims that a very rigid diet of proteins and veggies is one main reason why he was able to maintain his fit figure.

Movies That Bring the Action to Your Lap!

Everyone enjoys a good movie. The theater, the popcorn, the excitement of watching something new and interesting on the big screen. But when you throw in some awesome 3-D effects, then your viewing experience takes on a whole new feeling! When the 3-D movies begin to be played in the local theaters, everyone takes notice. The younger generation will want to see the new movie, and be buzzing around town of the cool effects, and the silly little plastic glasses you need to wear while watching.

Don’t Watch Smile Orange – If You Want to Learn Jamaican Slang

“Smile Orange” is set in a beach hotel and pokes fun at the tourist trade in Jamaica at both the visitors and the Jamaicans. “Smile Orange” is mostly the story of the slick waiter, super stud, Ringo , who has made a profitable art of servility.

Are Chick Flicks Ruining Your Life?

I recently watched a clip on YouTube about a study that claims that watching too many romantic comedies will ruin your love life. Anyway, you know I’m a big advocate for the romantic comedy, so in its defense, here are a few things to keep in mind when watching and “comparing” to real life.

From Shirtless Teen Idols to Just Plain Idols

Before male icons became their well-known adult celebrity selves, these charming men had to have started off somewhere. While most male adult icons only became celebrities in their prime, some are fortunate enough to become celebrities while still in their teens. Countless teenage girls swoon upon the sights of these young matinee stars only to return to the reality that these young and famous stars are hardly single.

The Real Fountainhead of Entertainment – Movies

Movies have always been the greatest source of entertainment in our lives. Entertainment actually rejuvenates our mind and soul. It even helps to reduce our stress and tensions to a large extent.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – 2008’s Best Saved For Last? Maybe

I begrudgingly admit that if The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is not the best film I’ve seen this year, it’s pretty close. But this does make me sad. The film is so overwhelmingly right most of the time that I find my list of problems with it growing as I ponder it.