Liar Liar – A Comedic Fantasy Movie

In this movie, Jim Carrey plays a lawyer named Fletcher. Since he is so devoted to his career, his previous wife and son left him. On his son’s birthday, Fletcher promises that he will be there for the party.

My Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor. This is undeniable truth. You can argue it, but you’d be wrong.

My Top Five Favorite Jack Nicholson Movies

Throughout the years, few actors have accomplished as much in their careers as Jack Nicholson has. In the 1970s, he won audiences over; in the 1980s, he continued to star in classic movies and has continued the trend through the 90s and beyond. The following movies are my favorite films starring the great Jack Nicholson.

Cult Classic Movies, Incredible Mr Limpet

Incredible Mr. Limpet is definitely a cult classic. This movie made me look into other cartoon/live animation movies. Please enjoy what I found.

Michael Myers Masks – From the Classic Mask to the Bloody Mask

I know that you’ve heard of Michael Myers. He is the masked maniac from the Halloween movie franchise with a love for killing bad kids and babysitters. Influenced by a Canadian film called Black Christmas, Halloween is credited with propelling the slasher move franchise to new heights. The mask has become an iconic symbol. There is also more than one to choose from.

2G3 – Fated Reality Part 2

In June of 2009, Thomas and David had their first date. Thomas recalls, “I had butterflies in my stomach from the moment he walked into the coffee shop. It wasn’t a bad nervous, more like the excited nervous you feel when you’re a kid and you get to go to an amusement park.

2G3 – Fated Reality Part 1

If you’ve ever watched an episode of MTV’s The Hills, or The Real World, and thought, “Hey I could do that!”, that’s exactly what Thomas Simmons, David Coley, and Dani Elkins did when they created 2G3. It’s a low budget, independent online reality show, filmed out of Raleigh, NC.

A List of the Best Johnny Depp Films of All Time

When it comes to the best actors in Hollywood these days, few have the mystique and widespread appeal that Johnny Depp has been able to attain. The man has his choice of films, and we can only wish that he will stop being so loyal to Tim Burton in the upcoming years. Share the love Tim!

A List of the Best Movies Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman

Any time you are going to talk about actors based on talent, one person who should be thrown into the discussion is Philip Seymour Hoffman. Hoffman is a classically trained theater actor, and I think that shows; his poise and versatility are amazing things to watch. This article will discuss some of the best Philip Seymour Hoffman movies and roles up to this point in his career.

Daniel Day Lewis’ Finest Films To Date

Where to start with Daniel Day Lewis? The guy is like the Dr. Dre of acting.

Summer Movie 2010 Recap

The summer movie season in general was an awkward one for the industry that saw a few throw backs to the eighties such as Karate Kid (Sony), A-Team and Predators (Fox) that it must have made MGM think that Hot Tub Time Machine would have received a mountain of box office receipts if it was released in July rather than in Q1.

Top Five Underdog Movies

Everyone loves a good underdog story. Seeing the guy who’s written off and put down get the last laugh; watching the little guy with the odds stacked against him go on to achieve greatness. It’s no surprise that some of the greatest and most enduring films of all time are underdog stories. But which are best? Which are the most inspirational? Here’s a countdown of five of the best movie underdogs.