Trisha Krishnan in Bollywood

Trisha Krishnan may be a new face to Bollywood. But she is well established in South. Trisha has acted in numerous films in Tamil, Telgu and Malayalam films.

Jimmy Buffett – Television (TV) And Movie or Film Appearances and Contributions

Jimmy Buffett is a singer/songwriter that is best known for his musical collection that includes such hits as “Margaritaville” and “Come Monday.” What many more casual fans do not realize is that Jimmy Buffett has numerous appearances and contributions in television and film to go along with his island-centric musical style.

16 Movies – A Perspective

Pedro Almodovar’s latest film is part masterpiece, part head scratcher. Convoluted plot has something to do with a film director gone blind, and the exploration of his tragic past. I love a good complex plot, yet not when I get lost along the way. The ending is awful, and makes no sense. Yet, this is an Almodovar film…so you still get a compelling and interesting movie…even if it doesn’t all add up in the end. Perhaps I need to see it again.

Bring on the Bling – Cufflinks Can Make Any Slob Look Good

I recently had the flu – non-swine variety, though it did have its onset shortly after I imbibed a bit too merrily at a wedding, which means that perhaps I did bring it on by being a bit of a pig. However, as my malady lasted more than 24 hours, I am sticking fully by my non-medical diagnosis: flu.

Blockbuster On Demand – The New Blockbuster And The New Vizio

Has your local Blockbuster video store closed recently? If so, that is a sign of changing times. There will be fewer bricks and mortar video stores in the video retail business, and more effort given to meet the explosive demand for streaming movies on Internet-connected television and other venues.

Twilight Saga – The Most Anticipated Movies of the Decade

The Twilight Saga movies have been capturing the attention of audiences all over the world. Teenagers around the world nervously await every flick trailer as they predict the eventual release of this major motion picture. Not many flicks can carry such a fan base, keep them coming, and give them what they want as successfully as the Twilight Saga has done and will do.

Percy Jackson Finds a New Place at the Movies!

I was not familiar with Percy Jackson and the Olympians until I saw a movie trailer for this film over Christmas. This trailer really caught my attention. I’ve always loved Greek mythology and this looked like it could be a lot of fun and teach people a little something about the Greek gods of old. I was also unaware that this is also a book series and “The Lightning Thief” is the first book.

Survivor – Still King of Reality TV?

Within one television season, the summer of 2000 changed how we look at television more than any other show has ever done before! And while this sort of television is very commonplace nowadays, the show instantly compelled us to set a date for our position in front of the ‘boob tube’ whenever it was aired. The survivor season takes a number of contestants to various remote locations throughout the globe, splits them up into two groups, and then pits them against each other when they eventually combine the two tribes together.

Alice in Wonderland! A Review, in a Nutshell!

You would be hard pressed to try and find someone that hasn’t seen some version of “Alice in Wonderland”. Most have seen the famous version that was made by Disney in 1951. Just looking at a movie website, I’ve been able to find twenty-one different versions.

Will the Tron Legacy Movie Be This Year’s Defining Science Fiction Film?

Tron Legacy is the long awaited sequel to Disney’s original TRON masterpiece. This massive scale science fiction epic just might be this year’s definitive science fiction film.

How to Edit Movies Using Your iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS’s 3.5-inch screen is not what you’d call ideal for great video editing. However, in a moment’s time, you can do basic edits on your iPhone Movies and share your work via email, MMS, or YouTube.

Wolverine’s Powers

There has been much ado about Wolverine in recent years due to the success of the X-Men movies, and I’d like to talk a little bit about Wolverine’s powers and how he got them. First of all, his name is James Howlett, but everybody refers to him as Logan. He has the great senses of animals, is incredibly strong, and can heal himself by regenerating cells.