Sports Casters and Commentators Rely on HD for a Second Look

In the skyboxes and sports commentator studios at big networks, arenas and stadiums across the nation, you can bet that as skilled as these professionals might be, they aren’t relying on their eagle-eye vision to call balls and strikes. In nearly all cases, these studios are equipped with the newest and most advanced technology available. When commenting on the rules of the game, or making an educated decision about a close play, the advantage of high definition television becomes extremely important. In part, this is because millions of fans are listening and judging the decision of referees based on what they see and what they hear. In other words, the voices of the game really do matter.

2011 Horror Movies Trailers – Best Movies!

If you are a horror movie fan, you probably want to see all the 2011 horror movies trailers available, and make an idea about what the top horror movies of 2011 will be. Though you might be a great fan of the horror genre, you might not have the time to see them all.

Paranormal Activity 2 – Designed to Spook Without Assault

There is an opinion spreading around people that these times nothing could scare us. We have seen so many terrifying things on television, in real life, in the movies, so now nothing could surprise us and make feel shudders. According to this opinion, the scary games are not scary enough; the horror movies are more funny than shocking or appalling, we are already prepared for the things that could possibly be seen on TV, our threshold stimulus is much lower then it used to be… Maybe it is like that but the fact that the second part of the movie Paranormal Activity earned strong $63 million in three days, from the first day of its showing, tells us that there are still some things that could make us frightened or the director of this movie has made something unseen and untold before so he got all the attention.

2011 Oscar Predictions

The 2011 Oscar ceremony is still many months away, but this short list will provide you with some films sure to be nominated. You may have to travel to the closest art house cinema to see them, but they’ll be well worth your time and money.

Watch Your Favorite Television Shows Online

You have a life and a job.  You have shows you love so much you go into seizures if you miss them.  These two serious and compelling needs conflict.

The Insights of The Social Network

A look at the new movie, The Social Network, and what it tells us about working in the web industry and how it affects the relationships of those involved. In this film, relationships are stretched to their limit from the desire to build the business and to generate an income from it. Hopefully you will get an insight into these events too!

The Riddler Is No More, Who Should Fill the Void? Here’s My Top 5 Choices and Why

Christopher Nolan has officially put to rest any rumors that The Riddler will be taking the spotlight as the next villain in the third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. That leaves fans to once again return to speculating about who will be following Heath Ledger’s Joker. Today, I’m going to join in that speculation and give a rundown of who I think should be the next villain to enter into Nolan’s dark and gritty Gotham City. Rather, I’ll give you my top five choices and who I’d like to see and explain why I feel each would be a valuable asset to Nolan’s finale in the Batman franchise. So come on and join me as I post my criminal lineup.

Scaring Your Date Into Your Arms: The 5 Best Scary Halloween Date Movies Ever

Getting scared together draws people together: there was this test where young American men met a girl for the first time, either on a very scary wobbly bridge or just before that scary bridge. The results?

The Long Lasting Seinfeld TV Show

The Seinfeld TV show has been declared the show that is about absolutely nothing, but wildly entertaining. The characters are beloved and the show would not be the same without each of the characters that brought it to life. Many people love this television show and the following has truly been amazing.

Rocky Movies – The Ultimate Inspirational Underdog Story

Many of us have loved the Rocky Movies. These inspirational movies starring Sylvestor Stallone tell the story of an underdog who ultimately makes it to the top. The movies tell of his ups and down but ultimately how this champion bounces back.

Best War Pictures

Why do we like to watch war pictures? We watch them because wars remind of history, freedom, honor, and tradition. Wars have bled Nations new ways of life and lessons to learn.

Top American TV Shows

You can watch various American TV shows for fun and excitement. When you switch on your television, you get all types of interesting programs for your enjoyment. You can watch comedy, crime and drama shows.