Screenwriting Technique #3 – The Character Web

Have you ever noticed whom the actors thank when they win an Oscar? They profusely thank the director for “getting the performance out of them.” They thank their agent, their husbands, wives, extended family and distant ancestors, the crew, the studio, the associate producer, and of course, their 8th grade drama teacher. In short, everyone but the writer.

Screenwriting Technique #2 – What’s My Genre?

The single most important decision you must make when developing your premise is: what genre should I use? Genre is a particular type of story, like detective, comedy, thriller or action. The reason genre is so important is that the entire entertainment business is based on it.

Action Screenwriting #1 – 4 Keys

With a good Action script you can write your own ticket. But Action is the most deceptively challenging genre in Hollywood. This article takes you through 4 keys to a good Action Screenplay.

The Simpsons Twentieth Season Special is a Big “Doh!”

This was not a tribute show nor was it a clip show. This was a documentary of how the Simpson’s became a pop-culture phenomenon. As Comic Book guy would say “Worst Episode Ever” or in Homers opinion, “as much as I would love to give this special Nine Thumbs Up, I cannot.” He would most likely go on to say something like “The dinner I had before the show included Pasghetti and Momatoes and a cup of Pea soup.

Remembering Early Edition – A Show About Tomorrow’s News

Many people do not remember or have never heard of the TV show, Early Edition. However, in 1996 when it was first put on the air, it brought entertainment to families everywhere.

Heroes – Upon This Rock – Episode 13 Review

“Upon This Rock” is an episode that showcases why NBC’s Heroes is a hit program. The TV series offers drama, suspense, and the supernatural. This episode offers all of these elements, making it hard not to watch Heroes.

Stunt People Presents Dogs of Chinatown – Realistic Action at Its Best

We’ve search for people who can give us realistic action yet has that Hollywood quality. Check out the Stunt People and their movie Dogs of Chinatown as they show off their skills and give an empowering performance.

Real World DC Episode 3 Review

I just finished watching the third episode of the Real World DC, the latest installment in the long running reality series. I have to say that after two exciting episodes, this one fell slightly on its face. I should warn you that this article may contain spoilers, so don’t read this if you don’t want to know what happens here.

Will and Grace Seasons 1-8 DVD Box Set

Will and Grace had been first launched in 1998 and over the course it managed to get nominated for a large number of awards and it even won 13 awards. The story of the show revolves around the life of two friends who share an apartment. Will, is gay while his roommate Grace is straight.

Six Feet Under Seasons 1 – 5 DVD Box Set

Six Feet Under had been a hugely popular show which had been nominated for a large number of awards. The show has been written by an Oscar winning writer, Alan Ball and is a dark and comic plot of an American family which tries to live their lives while trying to keep their business running.

Sex and the City Seasons 1-6 DVD Box Set

Sex and the City is the hugely popular television series which had later been turned into a successful movie. The series is based on a bestselling novel and revolves around the lives of four women while they try to solve their relationship and life situations.

Queer As Folk Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Set

Queer as Folk managed to be one of the most highly rated shows on television when it was first launched. The show follows the life of a group of gay men along with their friends. The story follows the problems that they encounter on a daily basis due to their sexual orientation.