How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – A Perfect Comedy For Teens

Kate Hudson plays a journalist named Andie Anderson. It is her ultimate goal to work her way up the company and write about politics. To do this she must prove herself as a writer.

Jurassic Park – A Dinosaur Classic

John Hammond is a rich man that decided to make a dinosaur theme park on an island. It takes many years to research and build the park. The live dinosaurs are made by using the ancient DNA found in mosquitoes that got trapped in tree sap.

Pirate Radio

Back in the 80s, or the olden days as my youngest likes to say, we would listen to Radio Jackie. We had plenty of options on the dial but that station played a wider variety of music plus the thought of something mildly illicit was definitely attractive. Twenty years before this pirate radio stations started appearing during the rock and roll era. In this movie set in the late 60s, a group of DJs anchor a ship in the North Sea just outside British waters and broadcast the latest and greatest in music.

Online Movie Resources

Every now and then we all like to enjoy a good movie at the theatre. New movies are coming out each week, so it’s easy to entertain over selves with a good movie. The awesome thing about the internet world is just about anything can be found there.

Rock Stars in the Movies on Satellite TV Networks

Viewers can be very skeptical when they see someone known for their musical talents in the movies. The thing is, many of these performers are already actors. Just think of Sinatra and you will have the perfect example.

Video Hire and Blu Ray Rental Tips

When you hire video DVDs or Blue Ray rental discs, how much do you pay? Perhaps you would be better using an online video hire company that allows you unlimited movies for your monthly subscription.

Finding Hollywood Videos Online

People really enjoy movies and if this wasn’t a fact, then big chains like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video would not have had the success they had. These stores carry the latest movie releases and old movies you may not have seen in a while. That is the reason why these stores have long lines and crowded stores on the weekends.

Television Entrepreneurs

In recent years television has begun to focus on the entrepreneur. This non-fiction focus is discussed in three television show formats.

Movie Review – The Last Exorcism

I love a good horror flick. My wife and I went to see The Last Exorcism and found that it was neither a horror flick, or a good flick. Where to begin? How about at the beginning.

In a Day

This is a quirky little English movie where we meet a young girl who is working in a sandwich shop in London. Her life seems quite isolated and also quite boring with the exception of the occasional rude customer. On the way home she has an odd encounter with a stranger which leaves her very much at odds and she is found sort of wandering around by one of her regular customers. There is nothing really sinister here, but it is a sweet little film with engaging main characters and some forgiveness thrown in for good measure.

Back Door To The Brain

There are three parts of the brain: (1) the reptilian; (2) the MID-brain; and (3) the FOREbrain. A good story enters our consciousness through the MID-brain because it appeals to our emotions. Who wants to read a story filled with nothing but facts, data and charts? That’s not a story. That’s a report. That’s a power point presentation. A good story moves gets our emotions involved. It makes us care about the main character. It makes us wonder what happens next.

Movie Lines – A Communication Art Form

We all know people who use movie lines. What is it about a pithy saying from a film that stands out for so many? It’s a catch phrase that might be the perfect expression for a moment in time. And using it just right may even be a burgeoning new art form.