Inside Out: A Lesson in Psychology

This article is a personal review of the 2015 Pixar animation, Inside Out. It also contains a brief summary of the movie (but no spoilers!)

How To Receive English TV Overseas

With so many expats living in locations like Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria, there is a real need for an English TV solutions. Luckily despite SKY reducing their footprint, there are other options available. This article looks at some of those options.

Little Big Man and Papillon

Dustin Hoffman and Steve McQueen are two wonderful actors and when they team up, they are truly a dynamic duo. These two are definitely movie greats and deserving of lifetime achievement awards.

Ten Sitcom Characters Who Had Lengthy Criminal Records

A recent program to train female prisoners is showing positive results, benefiting those in the Folsom State Prison Facility in California. According to an article in the 11/28/15 edition of USA Today, eighteen women completed computer-aided design programs that will allow them to start careers after their release. In addition to helping those women, the program also calls attention to an often overlooked segment of American society.

American Mistress: Who Is She?

Have you ever experienced that strong desire to be part of something? To the point that you would do anything just to feel that sense of belongingness? American Mistress explores this visceral need from the point of view of a lonely college freshman, who just wants to be part of a literary society.

How Pulp Fiction Laid Claim To Becoming One Of The Great Movie Game Changers

In the first scenes of Pulp Fiction, released in 1994, and regarded as a classic of world cinema, and placed its director Quentin Tarantino firmly on the map, we are introduced to a couple of hit men, Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega who arrive at a dingy L.A. apartment sent by their boss, Marsellus Wallace, tasked with tracking down a mysterious stolen briefcase. In a scene-stealing performance and one of the most iconic moments in the film, Samuel L. Jackson’s Jules finally recites a sermon from the Bible, Ezekiel 25:17, uttering the immortal words..

A Hindi Movie Initiating Deep Yearnings

As I grew up, I was surrounded by people, both friends and the elderly who liked to watch Hindi movies. So my family watched them as well. By the time, I was in the university, the pressure of studies was so much that I dropped watching them altogether. However, one evening, my Mom bugged me, “Come on, Rosina, watch this Hindi movie-you need to take a break from your studies and relax-come on, watch with us!” Well, I gave in and watched. Which movie was it? Did I like it? Did I learn anything? Was it worth my time? In order to find out these answers, look inside.

Go Pro…Fessional

Here is a quick list of things you can do with the GoPro from my experience: – Wear it on your head (Useful for sports) – Strap it to your chest (A different view from POV) – Use it as CCTV in your short film (Be sure to add black/white effect with added grain) – Drop it in the ocean and film sea creatures (Don’t forget the waterproof body) – Stick it inside or outside of your car (No need for a tripod or bulky rigs)…

Top 5 Football Movies

I love watching movies, and I especially enjoy a great story. I have seen other good football movies, but these 5 are my all-time favorite. Full Disclosure: You are getting recommendations from a mom who teaches at a university and has an online business. This Top 5 Movie List not a list from a movie critic or male football guru. Ha – so you know these movies are good!

Slow West Review, a Slow Western Movie to Watch in 2015

Slow West is a Western movie and a mix of love, action, selfishness. It tries to portray the rustic and rough wild west of the 19th century. Is the movie good? Does it do justice to the genre? Read the full Slow West movie review to know more.

Miss You Already: Bringing Back the Friendships

Both Drew and Toni are brilliant actresses and they share a good chemistry in the film. Also, the storyline seems good enough for it to work. Expectations are high and we hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Top 10 Halloween Movies For Kids

Make celebrating the fall season fun with spooky, kid-friendly movies. Find out the Top 10 Family-Friendly Halloween Movies that are fun to watch all year round.