United Artist Coupons: Great Discounts for Your Next Movie Event

United Artist coupons can help you enjoy your movie watching experience even more since they can provide you with some really good discounts every time you watch a film in their theaters. Moviegoers know the name United Artists Movie Theater since it is one of the biggest names in the theater industry. Publicly owned by Regal Entertainment Group, you can find this movie theater almost anywhere you go especially in the suburbs of most cities in the country.

Guzaarish Movie Review

First and foremost, I’m not a fan of Bhansali Cinema: Well, I have always maintained that Bhansali could never amuse me with his work in a major way. Blame it on my fault finding temperament; I always thought Bhansali always gets lost in the sets and the aesthetics.

Valentine’s Day Is Made for Romantic Movies: Here’s Your List

Valentine’s Day is a great day to snuggle up with your sweetheart and watch a romantic movie. The following are a few romantic classic movies that are great for Valentine’s Day.

My Most Anticipated Movies of 2011

As we kick off a new year in cinema, I thought I’d take time to look ahead at the films we’ll be hit with over the course of the year. In this article, I’ll be going over what my 15 most anticipated movies for the year are.

Russell and Rob’s Chances on Survivor: Redemption Island

When Survivor: Redemption Island begins, the new contestants will be surprised to find out that Russell Hantz and Boston Rob will be joining them as the “tribe leaders”. From the comments that have been released by the various contestants, it looks like Russell Hantz will probably get an early boot. Rob might be able to stick around for a while, but the newer players may not want to keep him around to the end.

Information on Cinema Consultants

Cinema all across the globe is becoming more and more popular and enhancement in technology is giving it the boost required to flourish. From music to videos, right down the small theatre plays, cinema is taking advantage of these things and providing a much better experience for its audience. But these audio and video systems are not easy to produce, and they often come with specifications that are highly sophisticated and expensive.

Top 10 Courtroom Drama Movies of All Time

Courtroom movies are special movies that hold the ability to entertain the audience with wide variety of drama movies with different theme. These movies can be based on suspense thrill, fun, love, etc. An entire package offering a decent conclusion of story can be seen in the courtroom drama movies.

Vin Diesel’s Height

Are you a serious fan of Vin Diesel? This article will tell you how tall the superstar is, including other information about the well known actor and film director such as where his name originates from and where the celebrity was born.

The Real von Trapp Family History – Part 5

Once the von Trapp family had arrived in America, the immediate danger from the Nazis was no longer an issue. Their troubles were far from over, though, as they had many obstacles to overcome before becoming US citizens. Besides studying English, the Trapp Family Singers learned many lessons about the differences between serious European concerts and their more relaxed American counterparts. But before long the singing group became a huge success and their fame spread nationwide!

NEWSFLASH: 3D Entertainment Will Explode in 2011

As the 3D in-home market grows steadily, many are wondering if this exciting new technology is here to stay or just a another consumer fad that will fade away. This article will break down very good reasons why 3D television, movies and gaming will eventually become a standard feature and why now is the time to make the switch.

Star Wars Figures – Do You Still Have Yours?

When I was a child just about all my toys were either Star Wars figures or Star Wars space models. In fact just about every toy I had as a child was something to do with Star Wars. I had probably the whole collection and little did I know how much they worth or I wouldn’t have sold them!

Fun With British Movie Tours

British movie tours can be an exciting addition to your vacation or just a fun day out with the family. They can also be a great way to see the country from a new point of view.