A New Spin on Mourning

The thought of a funeral being comical does not sound appealing at first. But, Frank Oz changes this initial thought in his work “Death at a Funeral.”

Pirate Radio – Get Ready to Jam!

Pirate Radio is a trip down memory lane. Great songs from the early days of rock ‘n roll. The antics of a bunch of DJs stuck out in the North Sea will leave you laughing. What about the clothes? These festooned characters set the stage for a great adventure.

Megan Fox Biography

Megan Fox (height 1.68 m, 5′ 6″), was born May 16, 1986 in Rockwood Tennesse, USA. She has one older sister. Megan grew up in a very poor household, but this did not stop her parents from encouraging her interest in arts at an early age.

“The Uninvited” – A Creepy and Intense Thriller

Over the long holiday weekend I checked, there was nothing much good, new or exciting coming up on TV, so…it was off to the video store for me! I love good mysteries but even more, I adore a good, creepy horror movie. When I checked out, “The Uninvited” the rental clerk at video store said, “OH, this is good – it will scare you to death!” Hmm, my kind of movie.

The 5 Best Documentaries of the 2000s on Satellite TV

When film goers find themselves shaking their head at the absurdity of a film, it’s time for a documentary to remind one’s self just how bizarre reality can be. Here are the five best documentaries of the 2000s, playing on satellite TV.

The Patriot

As the title says this movie is about patriotism, one of the essential concepts in American culture. The film is about a farmer, Benjamin Martin, who has experienced war in earlier time, when he fought with France. Now that he is a family man and has seven children, all he wants is to live in peace to be able to raise his children after his wife’s death. However, in 1776, the time of the movie and Charleston, the place, the assembly of Americans gather together and want to end the oppression of Britain that has exerted hard rules. They vote for recruiting for war.

Angels & Demons – Wow What a Movie

Although I watched the first movie based on Dan Browns’ bestseller “The Da Vinci Code” I hadn’t planned on watching the movie Angels and Demons, but boy was I glad I did. It was a great and I thought it was better than the first; it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I was surprised to see that Tom Hanks was in the movie (no, I didn’t read the books either) he is looking good by the way.

Distribute Your Movie

Movie distribution is changing. In a few years, you’ll sit down at your television and everything will be video on demand. As a filmmaker, are you ready to take advantage of this amazing opportunity?

We Should Demand Cable Choice

With the demise of the BUD, we are now stuck with cable, the small dish (which I call “cable on a stick”), or telco TV if we want more TV channels than those available over the air. All three of these options have one thing in common: they demand that we select our basic channels in bundles or packages instead of allowing us to cherry-pick what we want.

One of the Largest Entertainment Empires in the World – Disney

If you’re interested in taking the Disney Trivia quiz, you’ve got a lot to learn about. In an empire that is approaching a century of existence, this company has been one of the most important in entertainment since the twenties. A Disney quiz will show that it was in 1928 that an unknown little mouse named Mickey would begin the road that would lead to the creation of one of the largest entertainment empires in the world.

How Did Derren Brown Predict the Lottery?

Did Derren Brown really predict the lottery results? Or was it just a stunning yet simple example of psychological misdirection and clever camera work?

Is How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Disappointing You?

I am huge fan of How I Met Your Mother. A lot of people say that it is the new “Friends”, and I could not agree more; actually I consider it even better. The whole idea of the father telling his kids how he met their mother is just original.