So You Want To Be A Movie Critic?

Being a movie critic may seem like the dream job, but there are many hidden disadvantages, such as low pay, mountains of research, and intensely negative feedback (abuse) from readers. Still, how many jobs pay you to eat popcorn and watch Angelina Jolie on an enormous screen?

Disney Movies – Animated Pure Fun

Disney movies have achieved unparalleled popularity world wide. They are mostly enjoyed by the children. Young, adults and seniors also enjoy them thoroughly as well.

Lorries In The Limelight

You may think of lorries as just those big unwieldy monsters getting in your way on the motorway, but popular culture shows that they definitely have a place in our hearts. Here are some of the most famous lorries of all time.

American Idol – Will The Show Go On?

American Idol has enjoyed much success in recent years. This year’s edition lacks some punch. Will it continue with future runs despite plunging TV ratings?

“My Best Friend’s Wedding” And A Bittersweet Run Of The Mill Romance

Everywhere one looks it seems like romantic comedies are springing up all over the place. They are all manufactured much in the same way, and they all seem to be made basically the same. There are a few factors that separate each film such as the actors, locations, and costumes.

Gandhi – Movie

The craft of filmmaking is not usually about delivering a beautiful piece of art; not only about entertaining the audience but also about connecting them with the soul of the film. The essence lies in the makers ability to maintain the authenticity of the subject even as he mystifies the story.

Download Full Length DVD Movies and Enjoy The Numerous Advantages

Full length movie downloads are now available through the internet. Your options these days have expanded and you are no longer restricted only to renting or buying DVDs from the video shops. The community of viewers that are downloading movies online is growing and the trend is expected to continue.

Buy PSP Movies Online – The Secrets

How to buy PSP movies online in simple and easy to follow steps. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

Unlimited Movie Downloads – How to Spot a Great Movie Service

It is not uncommon to find services for unlimited movie downloads. A simply search on Google and Yahoo would have turned up thousands of sites for you. That said, not every single site is worth considering since some of these are poorly run and illegal sites. What you read here would teach you how to spot a great service for unlimited movie downloads.

From Demure to Tough – Kristin Kreuk

You always watch this goody goody demure girl snuggle up to Clark Kent on the hit tv series Smallville. And now, Kristin Kreuk is sure to warm up the big screen as this hot and sexy young actress plays the lead role of tough chick Chun-Li in the upcoming Street Fighter film.

Who Is Naruto’s Father?

There are many debates as to who’s Naruto’s real father. As debates are circulating back and forth, there are actually one true answer to this question and through this article I will answer this question once and for all.

Watch Heroes Season 3 On Your PC or Laptop Anywhere

Heroes season 3 is set to be aired in the last quarter of 2008. Fans like myself are all eagerly waiting and yearning for the release of this incredible TV serial. Of course it will be great to be able to enjoy it when the time comes at the comfort of your home, but what if you are overseas or for some reason not at home but still want to catch the action? You can watch Heroes Season 3 on your laptop or computer anywhere with an internet connection.