5 Highly Anticipated Movie Sequels of 2012

There seems to be a love-hate relationship with movie sequels. In an age where it seems the creative talents of Hollywood is a dried up pool of mess, lies the power of the sequel.

The Best of German Cinema

An overview of the 5 Best German movies. German Cinema explored. Bringing you the must see movies of Germany.

Movie Review: COURAGEOUS – ‘Honor Begins at Home’

Courageous is triumphantly American and unashamedly Christian. The film wreaks havoc on the generally accepted idea that everything that goes wrong with adults can be traced back to bad childhood experiences which then become excuses for the worst behaviors we can produce. It is the idea of standing up to take responsibility for our actions that compel the principal and lead actor in the movie, Alex Kendrick (Adam Mitchell) to draw others into his decision to put his commitments down on paper and sign them after which they are made public to Church, friends and family.

Which Film Trailer Leaks Have Whetted Your Appetite for 2012

This year’s summer blockbuster season may only just be getting into full swing, but already movie buffs are gearing up for 2012’s big releases in the wake of recent leaks of big film trailers. Clearly the days of keeping movies under wraps are long gone – thanks to camera phones, YouTube and the ever-growing use of teaser clips in film marketing, Hollywood secrets seldom stay under the radar for long. Even if, like the Twilight crew, you cover the set in umbrellas.

Malgudi Days: Nostalgia

Nothing better than Malgudi Days has ever happened to Indian TV in my opinion. Anything which came close to it was Byomkesh Bakshi. In both of the cases, stories were profound and well appreciated and artists, who chose to work on them for TV avatar, took the project with a great degree of earnestness.

Movie Review – The Grey (2012) (R)

The Grey is a deplorable example of exploitation, cruelty, and nihilism masquerading as philosophy. Here is a “survivalist” story in which the survivors are given the same reverence as horror movie victims, who appear to have depth and yet are merely awaiting their turn to die on cue. Not merely die, but become playthings for “nature,” which in this case is about as unnatural as it gets.

Movie Review – Man on a Ledge (2012) (PG-13)

The premise of Man on a Ledge is not very likely when it starts, and it only gets progressively less likely the further it goes until it reaches an ending that might as well have been written for a fantasy novel. This might not have been a problem had the filmmakers gone all out and made it an escapist spy thriller – say, something along the lines of James Bond. Unfortunately, it was clear to me that they were taking this material seriously, and they actually expected audiences to do the same.

It’s Really A Wonderful Movie!

“It’s A Wonderful Life” is the most wonderful film I have ever seen. It’s most inspirational movie I have ever watched and it’s very perfectly made movie in my opinion. Performances, script and dialogues are so perfectly done that you don’t have enough words to appreciate them. This film by Frank Capra is a gift to the world. Strange enough it was a box office flop when it was released and it failed to win an academy award.

Movie Review of Red Tails

According to several articles I have read lately, it has been George Lucas’ intention to make a film about the Tuskagee Airmen since the 1980’s, but he hasn’t been able to find a studio that would support it, claiming that audiences wouldn’t be interested in seeing a movie with an all black cast. I don’t know if they really believed that or if they were just too afraid to tell George that his script was corny and disappointing, but whatever the case may be, Mr. Lucas had to fund the project with his own spare change.

The Best Movie Releases For 2012

2012 is set to be one of the best years for new release movies in years. An amazing list of movies covering all genres will flow through to the big screens over the coming 12 months. Superheroes and villains abound along with great comedies, action thrillers and some wonderful children’s movies. If you can’t find a reason to visit the cinema this year, you most likely never will.

The Origins Of James Bond

Have you ever wondered where the name James Bond came from? As with so many aspects of the Bond stories there are numerous theories to its origins. Perhaps the most popular is one where Ian Flemming sits down to pen his first of many Bond titles and quite simply lifts the name from a title on his bookshelf. The book in question was “A field Guide to Birds of the West Indies” by James Bond. Flemming was fascinated with wildlife and said to have been an avid bird watcher.

Into The Wild: Love Of Truth

The movie is based on a true story of a man named Christopher McCandless. It’s a story of a man who was sensitive and loved freedom. He has seen enough of society and wants to run away into the wild to live freely and he chooses it over anything else which his career might have offered him after getting graduated from college. His two years of hitchhiking-roaming makes him have experiences more profound than most of us have in our entire life.