Have You Got the Best Television Picture?

Since its launch in 1928, the humble television has become a staple part of all our lives. Needless to say as technology has moved on, the television has moved on too. It has become better and better as new ways of doing things have surfaced, and the televisions we watch now – wafer thin and often wall mountable – are very different from what we started with.

Sharpe Heads For the Throne

English Sharpe actor Sean Bean, who also played Boromir in Lord of the Rings has been reported to have been cast in the lead role in the HBO planned series ‘A games of Thrones’ based on George RR Martin popular ‘Song of Fire and Ice’ series of fantasy books. No date has been set for the pilot as yet, and there is no promise that HBO will commit to a full series either, but with an impressive cast list headed up by Bean, this project is definitely being taken seriously.

Best Computer For Home Video Editing

Before you look for the best computer for video editing there are a few things that you must be aware of. 1. Most computer software and hardware vendors will list the minimum system specifications that are required to run either the editing system or in the case of the computer, the operating system.

Disney’s G-Force is Top Notch

Disney has decided that 3-D is the future of motion pictures at your local cinema, and with the exception of the “extra fee for 3-D”, they may be right. While the current version of 3-D technology (instead of the red/blue 3-D from the 1950s) got kickstarted by the short films in the Disney theme parks (such as Captain EO, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, and Mickey’s Philharmagic), it seems that the filmmakers have gotten the right idea on how to present a 3-D film. While previous 3-D films seemed to intentionally film scenes specifically for 3-D, with items flying at the audience for no other apparent reason than to say “Hey, this is in 3-D!”, G-Force does not seem like you are watching a 3-D movie.

Sharpe Author’s Latest Book to Be Made Into a Film

The latest book by Bernard Cornwell author of the Sharpe series of Novels is due to be adapted into a film. ‘Agincourt’ Bernard’s latest book unsurprisingly focuses in on the events around the 1415 battle through the eyes of English Archer Thomas Hook.London-based Independent Film Co. owned by Luc Roeg’s has employed Michael Hirst to adapt the book, Michael has gained acclaim with creating the Tudors series, writing the screenplays for the films Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

How Far Has Television Really Come?

Television today is a very different entity to how it used to be. From the times of the black and white tv to the modern set top boxes, television technology has come a really long way in a very short space of time.

Video Editing – Beta and VHS Conversions

Before you can begin to edit your project you must first convert your raw footage from tape to the digital format. All tapes can be converted to the digital format and they should be converted to stop the degradation that occurs to tape over time. Beta and VHS conversions (also video 8) are relatively simple to accomplish.

Home Video Editing Tips

Home video editing has become available to anyone that has a computer with enough memory to run the video editing program. Accessibility to video editing programs is not the issue. What is at issue here is that most people can figure out how to run the video editing program, but very few know how to edit.

Free Video Editing Software Secrets

For the beginning home video editor, the free video editing programs are an easy and attractive way to start learning the video editing process. All of the programs can do basic editing and some of them are capable of advanced editing. The key to free movie editing software is ease of use. When you are just starting out, you should use the free video editing software that came with your computer until you reach a point where you either need to pay for an upgrade or you feel you need an entirely different platform that is more suited to your editing needs.

DVD Video Editing

DVD video editing is a process, that is usually performed alone, where you take random shots from various locations and days, tighten them up by trimming and organizing them until they tell a story in a concise and entertaining way. The editing process has not changed over the years. Some people will see a new movie and proclaim it a break through in editing technique.

Video Editing Jump Cuts

Video editing jump-cuts are little understood, and most times they are not properly used in most video movies. Before we begin this discussion it is imperative that we have a clearly understood definition of a jump-cut. If we start with a continuous shot where someone is speaking(speaking is not a requirement, but it will enable you to recognize the jump-cut quicker) and the camera does not move from the beginning to the end we have defined the piece of video in which we are going to make the edit that will create the jump-cut.

Video Editing Montages

Most video editors have heard of using a video editing montage after they do slide conversions from 35mm films slides to the digital format. Montages are the norm, the go to method for showing slides in the digital format. Slides are placed in the order of preference, transitions are placed over the cuts where the slides change and music placed under the whole show.