IN A WORLD – A New Film Report

I couldn’t believe how badly this film came out. Sad to say, I was totally dismayed at the plot, the message and the ending. First of all, it paid homage to one most have not heard of: Don La Fontaine, who was–according to those in the know–the greatest voiceover-performer in years past.

Movie Review – “Unfinished Sky” a Powerful, Poetic and Sensual Australian Love Story

“Unfinished Sky” is a powerful, poetic and sensual love story that peels away layers of pain and mistrust to reveal the true beauty of humanity, its freedom, hopes and choices. An Afghani woman held captive in a brothel flees to the safety of an Australian outback farmer. Together, they recover their faith in themselves and their trust in humanity.

Movie Review – “Imagine a School-Summerhill” – Innovative Boarding School Faces Government Closure

“Imagine a School – Summerhill” is a documentary about a famous coed alternative boarding school facing closure by the British Government. One-size-fits-all bureaucrats, wanting to impose structure, discipline, and standardize methods, question its unconventional learning process. It’s a battle of the pragmatic vs. we-know-best suppression..

Movie Review – “Lady Chatterley” A Passionate Visual Banquet, a Film to Be Savored

Pascale Ferran’s passionate visual banquet about a whirlwind affair between an aristocratic lady and her husband’s gamekeeper is a film to be savored. This sensible and sensitive transformation of DH Lawrence’s scandalous book is a joyous declaration about love and the journey it takes traveling from shattered lives to rebirth.

Movie Review – “Wake” A Quirky Romantic Comedy With a Quandary of Mishaps and Escalating Pretenses

He applies makeup, as she lies on the mortician’s table seemingly dead. The scene sets the tone of this movie, a quirky romantic comedy that travels through a quandary of mishaps and escalating pretenses.

The Man Who Shook the Hand Of Vincente Fernandez Movie Review – Bad Farewell For Ernest Borgnine

Lowered expectations are the answer for this film where Borgnine plays Rex, a retired radio DJ who’s always dreamed of being a Western movie cowboy. He suffers a back injury which places him in a nursing home that’s held in the wicked hands of local businessman Mr. Walker (Barry Corbin) and his righthand guy Dr. Dominguez (Tony Plana). Yes, it has the sound of an old style western, and I think that’s where this could have been really fun movie goes awry.

Oprah Winfrey’s Diverse Acting Career in TV and Film

If you’ve watched television in the past thirty years, you’re bound to know a little something about Oprah Winfrey. After all, she is one of the most easily recognizable faces in the world, thanks to her long-running daytime talk show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” At one time, her show was watched by 40 million Americans each week.

Orange Is the New Black

Review of the new Netflix series “Orange is the New Black”. Piper, a WASP with a flair for adventure has to do a year in a federal prison for women after being convicted on a ten year old drug trafficking charge. This is a serious look at life for women in prison told with lots of comedy and produced by the same team that produced “Weeds” on Showtime.

Grudge Match – The Movie

Grudge Match is a new Warner Bros movie coming to cinemas in December, on Boxing Day (pun may be intended). After long talks between the producers and Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro the match was on its way. It has already been proclaimed a match between Rocky Balboa and Jake LaMotta by the hardcore fans of both actors.

Movie Review – “Insidious” Is Classic Haunted House Movie With Scary Gotchas and Mounting Dread

Insidious is a classic haunted house movie with scary gotchas and mounting dread. One could feel manipulated as you journey through this story, yet for the masochistic audience that enjoys a scary spine-tingling trip, this is definitely your ride.

“The Butler” Portrays Racial Issues Through the Eyes of a White House Servant

“The Butler,” which has been marketed as “Lee Daniels’ ‘The Butler'” for legal purposes, was inspired by the true story of Eugene Allen, a butler who worked for the White House for thirty-four years and retired in 1986 as the head butler after starting out at the bottom as a pantry man. “The Butler” is a 2013 historical film starring Forest Whitaker as African-American butler Cecil Gaines, a fictional character based loosely on Eugene Allen. The film centers around the events witnessed by Cecil Gaines during his thirty-four years as a butler at the White House.

Movie Review – “Road, Movie” Is a Journey of a Young Man From Indifference to Enlightenment

“Road, Movie” is a journey of a young man traveling from indifference to compassion, from confusion to purpose, and argues that there is more to life than money and materialism. Delivering an old truck carrying a library of film reels and a projector, young Vishnu begins an odyssey across the Rajasthan desert befriending a young runaway, a gorgeous gypsy, and wise old man. It becomes a magical journey of enlightenment.