Voice Acting, the Challenge of Dubbing TV Series and Films

I began my career in broadcasting media in 1987, and one of the toughest and rewarding and fun disciplines that I’ve found is voice acting, dubbing films and T.V. series. This is my personal story.

The Avengers Review (No Spoilers)

I consider myself lucky. I just saw an early screening of “The Avengers”, and it gives me an opportunity to dish. Overall, a lot of parts in the film were great, some were bad, and some just left me scratching my head wondering what the heck just happened.

Top 5 Harvard Movies

Harvard has been the backdrop, subplot and co-star in so many classic Hollywood movies. Why? Because is a brand, an ideal, the platform of America’s finest. So whether you’re legally blonde or plotting your own social network, Harvard is the place where dreams are realized. So without further ado, how do you like these apples?

5 Ways You Can Display Or Hide Your Home Entertainment System

Ten years ago, we could step into nearly any home and see a big screen television shoved inside a wooden entertainment center. Today, the flat screen super-thin Plasma or LCD TV mounted on the wall or used as part of the decor is everyone’s dream. So how do you make your home entertainment system integrate smoothly into how you want your room to look?

180 Degree Rule – Cinematography Basics

The 180 degree rule is one of the earliest lessons a beginning director should learn. Someone wanting to better appreciate movies would do well to learn about it. The concept is very easy to grasp.

Vicky Donor: Good Times

Indian Cinema is coming up with some surprising ventures. From indie movies to revolutionary movies, we have it all.

What Is HD Television? – A Closer Look

HDTV explained, So What is HD TV? HD stands for High Definition. HDTV means High Definition Television, which provides resolution which is higher than the standard television. High definition programs are becoming more and more popular by the day, which makes us eager to know what this technology is.

A Walk-Through On The Best Comedy Series

What do people do when they feel sad? Many folks decide to forget about their troubles and watch their favorite sitcom. Check the review of top rated sitcoms in the article below.

Best Movie: The Hunger Games Review

The first of the movie franchise of the highly-anticipated The Hunger Games trilogy has been a blockbuster since its release last March. Fans had been ecstatic and couldn’t hide their excitement as they look for scoops not just on filming updates, but also on the leading stars’ personal lives.

Theatre or Television? The Stage Is Still Going Strong!

In ancient days gone by the theatre was one of the only forms of entertainment. Back in the days of ancient Greece the options of an Athenian fun hunter were just the theatre or maybe pulling an oar in a trireme. It only a couple of thousand years for the dawn of the moving picture and television, a revolution of art and a cheaper, easier way to find entertainment.

Is Theatre for Everyone?

When Shakespeare said that all the world’s a stage, he suggested that we are all mere actors and actresses in the grand performance that is life, and this may be true, but we are certainly not unified as just one audience. Not everybody enjoys the theatre, and so in recent times concern has been raised to the art form potentially dying out. But does theatre have a place in the modern world?

London Theatre – A Brief Exploration of One of the World’s Most Prevailing Art Forms

This article is about the history of theatre and explores why the art form has endured, maintaining its popularity even to this day. It also explores theatre’s prevailing relationship with London, and the stars whose acting talent have been nurtured by the city.