The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Keeps Morgan Spurlock In Michael Moore Territory

Morgan Spurlock’s back with The Greatest Movie Ever Sold which attempts to show how ads and product placement have infiltrated movies and television, but we never learn how this actually works in movies. We’re still entertained as he knows what the sponsors want, especially POM Wonderful.

Water For Elephants Review

Fans of the Sara Gruen bestselling novel Water For Elephants might enjoy this movie, but Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon’s portrayal of a love so fiery it threatens to tear the top off this circus feels more like someone OD’d on Ambien when writing this script. Reese Witherspoon continues her run of movies that fall short of their promise.

Stoker Review

After watching this film, you will most likely feel disturbed and uncomfortable. Stoker is about a young girl named India Stoker, whose father dies on her eighteenth birthday. Her uncle Charlie, whom she never knew existed, comes to stay with her and her mother, Evelyn. Soon after Charlie’s arrival, people begin disappearing, family secrets are revealed, and India finds herself stepping into her uncle’s shoes. There’s some big star power in this film; Mia Wasikowska plays India Stoker, Nicole Kidman stars as her mother, Matthew Goode plays Uncle Charlie, and we also see Dermot Mulroney briefly.

Four Reasons Why The New Star Trek Movie Is Must Watch

Whether you are a die hard Trekkie’ or a 1st time Trekkie, Star Trek into Darkness is one journey that you can not miss. Read on to know why.

Saoirse Ronan Makes Hanna Shine Bright

Hanna brings some stellar talent to an action thriller that’s somewhat confusing but definitely has it’s thrilling moments as a very cool edgy coming of age revenge thriller. It flew under the radar for many, but it made a fast rising star out of Saoirse Ronan.

The Roommate Suffers From Sucking All the Air From the Room

The Roommate has no thrills, horror and not even the usual obligatory boob shot. A sad ‘Single White Female’ ripoff that sends Screen Gems back to the depths of bad films.

The Rite Doesn’t Get Exorcisms Right

We can add ‘The Rite’ onto the pile of ‘true life’ exorcism films that won’t do much except make you feel like the process is rather boring. Anthony Hopkins gets to chew scenery while everyone else makes you root for the devil to win in this case.

Jason Statham’s Mechanic Treats the Original With Much Respect

Jason Statham is that rare consistent action star that you know exactly what you’ll get with his films. ‘The Mechanic’ remake is no different, but his acting skills show a little weakness when paired up with Ben Foster and Donald Sutherland.

I Am Number Four Never Strives For Number One

I Am Number Four feels like the pseudonym the book was authored under; it never amounts to much more than feeling like something you’ll forget you saw a day or two later. Once again Michael Bay jumps in and throws CGI into a mix that doesn’t need it ruining what could have been a satisfying ending into what feels like just another excuse to keep the door open for a sequel.

Movie Review: “Edge of Tomorrow”

“Edge of Tomorrow” is an action film based on the book “All You Need is Kill.” The film stars Emily Blunt as a Special Forces soldier and Tom Cruise as Major William Cage, a reluctant infantry soldier. While at war with an alien species, Cage kills one of the alpha aliens and becomes trapped in time, reliving the same day over and over.

Flowers in the Attic Sequel on Lifetime, WTF!

Even before the first airing of the “Flowers in the Attic” television film adaptation, Lifetime announced the sequel, “Petals on the Wind,” would air in May. This left many people scratching their heads and wondering “WTF?!”

‘It Happens Every Spring’ Was One of Best Sports Flicks

There’s nothing quite like a sports movie. In this one, Ray Milland combined baseball with chemistry.