“CHEF” – A New Film Report

This baby’s a winner! I liked everything! The story clicked every minute– from the first jazzy scenes where you see the chef and his assistants getting ready for another upscale night in the life of a Los Angeles fine restaurant. But soon we glimpse the chef at odds with the owner. The chef needs to release his real creativity in the menu he presents to his patrons- while the owner demands that he stick with the surefire winners that have made them both successful.

Hollywood’s Young Mr. Lincoln

It’s a rare pleasure to watch Henry Fonda portraying an historical figure. He reversed his policy to play Lincoln for director John Ford.

Casino Royale Movie Review

Not only does this film give us a new Bond, but it also gives us a completely new style, direction, and tone. The Bond franchise has been running for quite some time when this was released and was badly in need of a facelift. On top of that, to me, the story seemed to be getting stale, and the ideas were beginning to run out. So this film was here to put the Bond franchise back on the map, and it certainly stepped up to the plate.

The Wrong Number?

Dial M for Murder is 60 years old. It is still an engrossing tale despite its age.

Vincent Price: The Ultimate Shock Master

With his distinctive voice, dashing good looks and affluent upbringing, Vincent Price had every reason to believe that his acting career would land him leading roles as the romantic love interest. But in 1939, his career took an eerie turn, when he was cast in the scary Boris Karloff feature Tower of London. A Hollywood demon was born.

A Quick Review of the 2014 Installment of “Godzilla”

A movie review for the 2014 film, Godzilla. Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche and Aaron Taylor-Johnson star in the Gareth Edwards directed feature. This film includes past events that lead up to Godzilla making his way to land, but it also adds a new chapter to the story. With just enough of the old and new, “Godzilla” is the perfect remake.

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? Six Reasons to Watch Frozen and to Keep Loving It

Wondering what all the hype surrounding Frozen is about? Read this to find out why.

Glee Season 5 – Review, Insights, and Frustrations

Last Tuesday’s episode of Glee wrapped up its Season 5 with an episode entitled: “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project”. To be honest, I’m quite skeptical on writing about this but I can’t hold long this feeling of disappointment inside me so I needed to write it out. Okay, I’ll go straight to the point.

“THE IMMIGRANT” – A New Film Report

Here’s what went through my mind watching “THE IMMIGRANT”: New York Harbor comes into view; and I try to bring to mind how my grandparents must have thrilled as they hailed the grand Statue of Liberty. And then as the people swayed off the boat and were checked off through Ellis Island, I pictured those folks again. After that I no longer thought about my grandparents but tried to be absorbed in the film’s plot and the acting. The story portrays one young Polish woman who disembarks and (with her sister) looks forward to living in their aunt and uncle’s house as they start life in New York.

An Alien Experience

Alien was a scary movie because of where it all took place. In space, they said, no one could hear you scream.

A Near Masterpiece

An X rating didn’t mean the same thing in 1969 that it means today. Midnight Cowboy was rated X, and it won Best Picture.

The Tribulations of a Real-Life Natural

Jimmy Stewart’s portrayal of baseball player Monty Stratton, whose major-league career was cut short by a hunting accident, was inspiring. It was even more inspiring because it was true.