Why Watching Series Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

In the recent past movies and specifically series have become the in thing in town, with many persons especially kids, teens and youths spending very long hours glued to their television sets, personal computers or even portable DVD players watching them. The rise in the entertainment industry has massively affected the availability of the content and moreover, the fact that the experienced directors are giving their all to deal with the adverse competition in the industry. Some of the reasons why a large number people are increasingly watching series are as follows: Accessible The popularity of…


This is a film to see. If you believe in a Providential Overseer, then you’ll find further proof in “FINDING VIVIAN MAIER”. What odds are there of one finding the unknown works of a photographer– one, Vivian Maier– at an auction that turns out to be a treasure trove of street photographs that reveal a world-class talent? Maloof was the perfect guy to find all that stuff.

Amazing Spider-Man

With the imminent launch of the sequel, I feel like now is the perfect time to talk about the first entry of the Amazing Spider-Man trilogy. Reboots for franchises aren’t really necessary but the argument here is that director Marc Webb (no pun intended) wanted to bring something we’ve never seen before in Sam Raimi’s adaptations. Now that a sequel is looming over our heads, should you bother to watch the first one?

Movie Review: “Draft Day”

A movie review for the film, Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner and Denis Leary. “Draft Day” is a sports drama that stars Kevin Costner as Sonny Weaver. During the film, Sonny struggles with making the right draft day decisions to bring his team to the Super Bowl.

“UNDER THE SKIN” – A New Film Report

My wife asked, “How was it?” I said, ‘I don’t know yet; I need to think more about it.’ (Guess what, I’m still thinking!) Scarlett Johannson comes to Earth on some sort of mission. Is she here in order to test out some theory about women seducing men? Is she here to lure them to disintegration, and from their deaths acquire some last minute spiritual gifts from their crumbling souls? Does any of this make much sense?

AMERICA’S WINTER WONDERLAND: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Restores Cinematic Heroism

As dusk gives way to dawn, the opening bars of Alan Silvestri’s “Captain America Theme” mournfully yet heroically play as Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) goes on his morning run. This opening scene acts as subtle foreshadowing of the themes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, which essentially asks the question: “Whatever happened to Truth, Justice, and the American Way?” Evidently, the concepts jumped ship to Marvel Studios for this film is arguably the best of all the single Marvel action hero movies to date.

“Minority Report:” Is There Such A Thing As Free Will?

In the Tom Cruise movie, “Minority Report,” Tom plays a “PreCrime” Captain named John Anderton who apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided by three psychics called “precogs”. The movie examines whether free will can exist if the future is set and known in advance. I thought the movie was an interesting fantasy. After all, I believe that we have the power to choose our lives in spite of our circumstances and that we can create any future we choose regardless of our past. I’ll bet you’re a believer too. I’ve subscribed to the philosophy of Joseph Campbell, the expert on how myths shape our lives, who encouraged us to “follow our bliss” and, in doing so, the world would cooperate in having us fulfill our dreams. Now I’m not so sure. Welcome to the future.

Prime-Time Television And Its Misrepresentation Of Head Lice Treatment: A Critique Of ‘Trophy Wife’

As our previous article discusses, primetime television rarely depicts the American Life in an accurate way. Most relationships that these show depict are romanticized and improbable, but the way that head lice treatment and symptoms are completely understated is damaging mothers and fathers that have to deal with head lice in their own homes! Television misrepresents head lice facts and most of the treatment details necessary to prevent and treat lice infestations. In this article I will discuss the ABC television show, ‘Trophy Wife’ and it’s episode concerning head lice (Season 1: Episode 5 Lice and Beary White). Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a fan of the show to learn something!

Civility in the Media

In my forty years of broadcasting experience, I’ve fielded thousands of questions about my work; topics include covering news, anchoring programs, interviewing world leaders and celebrities, and yes, the glamor and excitement of it all. But I can’t remember anyone-whether on a street, in a classroom, or at a dinner party-ever questioning how news people behaved, or whether that behavior reflects our society.

A Review of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

“A movie review for the film “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” The film stars Steve Rogers.

Spot Light on Telecommunications

A glance at the last 100 years in the telecommunication industry. This article lays out the direction of the industry today, and questions whether the consumers, the advertisers and the producers bests interests are being served.

Movie Review of the 47 Ronin Starring Keanu Reeves – 2013

This is the story of how 47 Samurai become Ronin and how they back Honor to their former Master. The Lord of Aku is forced to preserve his honor by taking his life. His death was forced upon after an ill faithed spell was cast upon him by the minors of Lord Kira.