LIFE ITSELF-A New Film Report

LIFE ITSELF was for me extraordinary filmmaking. I’ll admit I went to see it with some mild trepidation. I knew it would show the most recognized film critic of all time in the last months of his cancer-stricken life on this earth. I had seen pictures of Roger Ebert without any lower jaw-his chin and lips and gums hanging with little inside support. I couldn’t see how viewing this ghastly invasion of a man’s private torment would in any sense ennoble his life or embolden my appreciation. But I was wrong. Just plain dead wrong.

A Movie With No Story

‘Easy Rider’ was hard to watch at times. But there were joyful moments in it, too.

CW’s TV Show Arrow Comic Book Origins

Ever wanted to know Green Arrow’s comic book origins and the inspiration behind the hit TV show Arrow? Green Arrow has had a long history in DC comics, even being a part of the justice league. Oliver Queen’s transformation into Green Arrow was a long process over 5 years of survival, fighting, torture and more on a deadly remote island.

Guilty Pleasures – Don’t Judge

To begin I would like to define what a guilty pleasure is. A guilty pleasure is something someone enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilty for it. There are many forms of guilty pleasures out there; from delicious confections to tasteless music and television, most of us can claim one of these indulgences as our own.

“Transformers: Age of Extinction” Roars Into Theaters

The latest addition to the “Transformers” franchise has already made waves in theaters with a $100 million opening weekend. “Transformers: Age of Extinction” is helmed by the legendary Michael Bay, but beyond that the similarities between this and the other “Transformers” films are few and far between. While Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf were the iconic characters in the previous films, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” features a whole new cast, including all-new Autobots.

5 Mystery Films You Must See In 2014

Suspense and thriller and crime films are perhaps the most popular genre. These are our top five recommendations for 2014.

BEGIN AGAIN-A New Film Report

This is plain and simple a musical melange of gifted songs sung by gifted singers and played by a string of musical folks. I found it quite entertaining- much more for its music- and much less for its plot –or its acting or its message.

Through the Eyes of Forrest Gump

It took me awhile to see “Forrest Gump.” But I was glad I did.

A Hard Day’s Journey Into Night

Half a century later, “A Hard Day’s Night” is still fun to watch. But don’t look for much of a plot.

Understanding the Hollywood Curse and Religion Part 1

These two areas of society have a huge influence on the collective human consciousness. On the surface they appear to be both very different and yet if you look closely you will see that there are more similarities than one might think. The biggest commonality between them is the fact that they both have a tremendous influence on society.

When the Hays Code Started Enforcing Movie Censorship

In 1934, the motion picture industry began enforcing the Hays Code. A code of censorship was in place for nearly 35 years.

The Hottest Musical of the Year: “Jersey Boys”

When Clint Eastwood announced plans to adapt the hit Broadway musical “Jersey Boys” into a Hollywood film, some wondered if he was the right director for the task. Best known for dramatic films like “Gran Torino” and “Unforgiven,” the director seemed an odd choice for a musical based on the songs of The Four Seasons. Once the film landed in theaters, it became clear that Eastwood was the perfect directing choice.