The Iconic Doctor Who Theme Music

It was on November 23rd, 1963 that Doctor Who debuted on people’s television sets. It was at half past tea-time and set between two well known television shows that an icon was born. It was on this day that the opening theme to the show was first heard.

Doctor Who the Scientist and Adventurer

The television show Doctor Who is a rare show in the fact that is has lasted for decades. It first hit our TV screens back in November of 1963. The show was for a family audience but also meant to be educational as it explored science by means of time travel.

How to Host a Fall Outdoor Movie Festival

Fall is the perfect time of year to host an outdoor movie festival. Colorful fall foliage makes the perfect backdrop for a fall festival, while cooler autumn nights create the perfect opportunity to cuddle under a blanket with family or friends. Earlier fall sundown times allow for family friendly earlier movie start times. Here are some tips for planning the perfect fall outdoor movie festival.

The Big Issues of Living: Three Recent Indy Films

An essay on three indy films, “Tree of Life,” “Beasts of the Southern Wild, and “Margaret.” The author discusses modern life, primitive life, life in the 1950’s, alternative lifestyles, finding justice, self-acceptance, forgiveness.

The Power Rangers Finally Come to DVD

Adults today who grew up in the 1990s probably remember the Power Rangers. They are a group of elite martial arts and gymnastics experts recruited by the wise Zordon (David Fielding) to help protect the earth from destruction. The series would change…

Was James Dean Gay?

James Dean is a well known American actor who has starred in movies that have been forever immortalized. Two such films are preserved in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress, ‘Rebel without a Cause’ and ‘Giant’. He is known to be a cultural icon and because of this beloved actor’s premature death caused by a car crash, Dean only had 3 films, two of which has left a remarkable impact on society.

Marilyn, James Dean: Rumors Between The Two Charming Icons

The actor James Dean has received a lot of love and appreciation from a number of people, in the past as well as the present. Read about the rumours between the famous James Dean and Marilyn.

James Dean Movie, ‘Joshua Tree’ Gives A Different Look At The Late Actors Life

For many years now, James Dean, even in his death, has captivated and stirred curiosity of many people. The great films he has been part of has stricken the world with his charm, forever immortalizing him in movies. Catch a glimpse of a different look into James Dean’s life.

The Brilliance Found In James Dean Movies

In the late years of the 1950’s, an actor named James Dean arose. Though many people know the name, most of them don’t know the man behind it. Gain a little bit of insight into James Dean’s life.

All About James Dean

Perhaps you have heard the name on T.V. or in Hollywood historic documentaries. Learn all about the life and times of one of the most important stars in pop culture.

3 Ways to Remake Stale Headshots Without Reshooting

You know your headshots are your number one calling card for developing your resume and it’s likely that you are often in search of the perfect one. Considering how expensive it can be, most actors can’t get new headshots every time they would like to, so what can you do? You can give your Headshots a Make-Over!

Creature – Movie Review

With a fitting title, Creature is a backwoods creature feature with a mishmash of themes, blending twisted, inbred cult activity and sacrifice. A nice little horror romp with a role filled by the legendary genre actor, Sid Haig.