Abby Cadabby – Fairy of Sesame Street

Abby Cadabby is the fairy in training of the children’s television series, Sesame Street. Also known as Abigail, she’s three years old and is a playmate of everyone’s favorite friend, Elmo.

Has Hollywood Lost Its Originality?

As someone who watches a lot of movies it has to be said that I have become disenchanted with much of what is hitting the big screen these days. If it’s not a remake or a reboot of an already successful movie it’s yet another sequel to a series of movies which has long lost it’s charm.

Why Brad Pitt is an Underrated Actor

When most people think about the global acting superstar that is Brad Pitt, they see nothing more than an immensely good looking body (I’m a man and even I can admit Brad Pitt is good looking!) and a charming yet mysterious attitude. It is not surprise that he has become a global phenomenon and one of the biggest movie stars of all time, as he could most probably get the lead in almost any film based on his looks alone, and the fact that most women would go to watch that film just to see him move about on screen with his shirt off.

The End of Niche Channels in Cable TV

Do you remember how cable TV looked going back 20 years? This article is going to take a look at some of the biggest differences in cable TV, comparing what we have today with what we had back then. Back then, most channels where part of a network that specialized on a particular niche subject.

The Best Picture Oscar Nominees For 2010

Hollywood is set to be busy in preparation for this year’s Academy Awards. All film buffs will be eagerly awaiting the results to be read out on the 7th of March.

Elements of Film Noir

Film Noir, derived from the French term meaning ‘black film,’ is a style and approach to the production of many classic black and white Hollywood crime movies. While opinions differ on it’s definition, there are a foundation of elements that are common to film noir.

Internet and Television Integration – Just a Matter of Time

The internet as a TV provider is in its infancy, but just might end up with a majority of the TV being viewed over the internet in the future. One major motivating advantage would be, to watch television while moving. What better way than the internet protocol do we have for this reason which the TV might make use of?

Avatar – Just a Movie, Or a Turning Point?

Occasionally a great film captures the undercurrent of our collective human psyche. When we historically look back at the movie, it becomes apparent that the film called attention to something that was stirring inside of us, yet unexpressed, and either the movie deliberately was produced to capture this subconscious undercurrent, or the undercurrent was so ripe that the first movie that touched on these subconscious urgings became an instant hit. Either way, Avatar is that kind of movie.

Food and Television – Where and How the Two Overlap

This article is about food and television. A summary is given of some of the more popular television shows that include food as a theme.

How I Got Paid to Learn From Will Arnet and Alec Baldwin

I know quite a few actors who refuse to do extra work. If you live in L.A., it can be more difficult to get principal acting jobs (if you do extra work) – because most Los Angeles agents and managers do not take actors who do extra work very seriously. However, in many other parts of the United States, there are lots of actors who work as extras one day, and the next day they are booked for principal roles in other TV, film or commercial projects.

Top Movies With Lesbian Or Bisexual Themes to Watch

Seems that it’s easy to joke about the quality of films catering to lesbian and bisexual female audiences. Movie lovers may roll their eyes when you mention interest in renting “Claire of the Moon,” for example, since critics in the know tend to dismiss it as one to watch. While films with gay and lesbian themes are slowly coming into the mainstream (albeit more through independent companies than the big studios), you can still find some gems in your online rental account if you know where to look. Here are a few suggested tales for your next movie night with the girls.

Science Fiction Classics Start Here

Science fiction has long been a favorite subject of Hollywood film makers. Great science fiction movies were being made as early as the 1930s and have provided a solid foundation for modern day science fiction. Let’s take a closer look at just a few of these Hollywood Science Fiction Classics.