New Moon – A Spiritual Interpretation of the Movie Based on Stephanie Meyer’s Bestselling Novels

Stephanie Meyer’s novels come to life on the big screen! The movie “New Moon” was released in December of 2009. It was well received by fans with at that time the biggest single day domestic gross of $72.7 million.

Twilight – A Spiritual Interpretation of the Movie Based on Stephanie Meyer’s Bestselling Novels

Have you read Stephanie Meyer’s novels about the young, innocent woman who falls in love with an immortal vampire? They are compelling, passionate, exciting and agonizing depictions of young, endless love. If you are like me then you are interested in the deeper meaning behind the excitement.

Grow Your Classic DVD Collection With Classic Rock Footage

The music business is a revolving door of artistry where a once solid genre can disappear overnight. However, classic rock hit us hard and history has proven it is here to stay.

Twilight Saga Eclipse – Is it Worth It?

Eclipse, the 3rd film in the Twilight Saga, is taking the world by storm but is it worth all the hype? If the film is anywhere near as exciting as the trailer then I will be a thrilled fan.

Documentary Productions in Israel Guide

As a land filled with a rich history that dates from ancient times, many people are interested in filming documentary productions in Israel. Israel is a much-desired location for the filming of documentaries on the topics of religion, archeology, history, politics, nature, technology, and a wide range of other topics.

Steven Soderbergh’s Spatial Relations

Steven Soderbergh burst onto the indie film scene with a win his first time around. His initial success was foreshadowed by his heritage. The son of parents with extraordinary psychic ability, he utilized this background in only one film, “Solaris.” Will it be his one and only venture into the unknown?

The Myth About Shooting Home Videos

There is a myth set about by camcorder manufacturers. You can buy a new camcorder that’s so easy to use, you can create and edit great home videos. Fact is, the manufacturers are only half right. While it’s easy to shoot video, it’s not easy to shoot GOOD video that anyone would want to watch for more than a minute. Don’t believe this?

Avatar – A Spiritual Interpretation of James Cameron’s Movie

James Cameron’s latest movie is spiritual and he has outdone himself with this hit! It is more spectacular than his last box office hit, The Titanic. The special effects are state of the art, the best in the history of filmmaking technology. If you love romance, science fiction, fantasy, mysticism, epic battles and nature than this will be one of your favorite movies. This article is dedicated to exploring the spiritual nature of the movie Avatar through interpretation of specific quotes. When you watch the movie, some things are obviously spiritual in nature and others are not. Enjoy the fun and interesting reading to follow.

The Mentalist Seasons 1-2 – Excellent TV Series With Obvious Flaws

Patrick Jain can be arrogant and annoying yet witty and clever – a fascinating and strangely lovable (not to mention hot) protagonist. The supporting characters are likewise amusing.

Legion Review – It’s Die Hard in a Manger

Meet small town waitress Charlie (Adrianne Palicki), her slightly slow platonic boyfriend Jeep (Lucas Black), and a handful of snooty travelers. They’re holed up in a run-down gas station in the New Mexico desert. Why?

The Hunger Games Movie – The Pitfalls

Young Adults author Suzanne Collins has handed in a draft of The Hunger Games screenplay, which is now being revised before the movie goes into production in 2011. The project is still in its early stages, but speculation is running hot around every aspect of the movie, from who will direct it, to who be cast in the major roles. However, there doesn’t seem to be a great amount of reflection on whether it will actually work as a movie.

Twilight Saga – Eclipse

Thinking twice of watching Eclipse? You better not miss it!