Television For Children – It’s Fun, Entertaining And Educational

One of the very first TV shows to capture a youthful audience (and you need to be a bit “long in the tooth” to remember) was “The Howdy Doody Show.” It featured a live audience of very young children, an adult male star named “Buffalo Bob” and a collection of puppets, the most prominent of which was, of course, Howdy Doody. That show was immensely popular throughout the decade of the 1950s.

The Comedy of Real Life on Satellite TV

If you’re paying attention to the news lately, it might be a little bit of a three ring circus experience. It seems like the cable news is able to take any issue, whether it’s Tiger Woods cheating or the latest weather or natural disaster catastrophe, and stretch it out far beyond a single news cycle.

Free Moving Green Screen Backgrounds Help Low Budget Movies

Free moving screen backgrounds help struggling filmmakers today. Earlier on, two pieces of footage had to be shot separately and then brought together.

Chromakey Green Screen Backgrounds and the Weatherman

The use of chromakey green screen backgrounds in news studios across the world make weather forecasts interesting to watch. Gone are the days when tired weather men rattled on about weather forecasts with only static visual aids. Today interesting graphics and classy 3D animation have changed the dynamics.

The Benefits and Shortcomings of Satellite TV and Cable

When it comes to how you get your entertainment at home, more and more Americans are saying that they’ve gotten on board with satellite. But just as many stand strong behind their cable service, and most people who were displaced from entertainment when the government nixed all analog reception decided to go with cable instead of switch to a dish.

HBO’s “The Pacific” Dominates Satellite TV Ratings

When it comes to making the perfect mini-series, HBO knows exactly how to get things done. The critically acclaimed “Band of Brothers” spawned countless re-airings, as well as a comprehensive DVD edition. Fans of war-time dramas and historical nonfiction found themselves caught up in the show, sure, but so did others who were simply looking for a compelling plot that would captivate them week after week. And with brilliant minds, actors and producers alike, behind the series, it’s no wonder that “Band of Brothers” was able to do so well.

The Films of Yesterday As Satellite TV Series of Today

Sometimes, it takes a few years before an old favorite gets revived into something new and more contemporary. There are certainly more than enough television series that are remakes of those favorites from the past, but lately, it seems as though there might be more of a trend towards actually going ahead and making a television series based on a popular film that hasn’t been in theaters for a couple of decades.

“Mov Og Funder” Starring Kasper Andersen

Kasper Andersen stars in this touching film about a boy who takes a wounded fugitive under his wing and tries to nurse him back to health. Although Martin (Mov for short) isn’t completely successful in his endeavours, he does nonetheless learn a little bit about trust, love, friendship, and growing up in the process. At the beginning of the film Martin is excited about going to spend the weekend with his father.

The New Reality TV Phenomenon

Am I right in thinking that there is a new phenomenon appearing in Reality TV this year? The phenomenon I am referring to is the ‘Susan Boyle’ syndrome. It seems that every ‘country got talent ‘ i.e Australia’s Got Talent, Taiwan’s Got Talent etc., shows have only been to happy to present the ‘next Susan Boyle’.

Popular Movie Rentals

It is possible to hire popular movie rentals at a very low price if you know how to do it properly. Your initial payment might not be low, but you can hire an unlimited number of movies for that payment.

How to Pick a Great LCD TV For Your Home

Some LCD TV buyers simple choose the right TV for their needs, this isn’t a market where you should just go and buy the most expensive TV or the cheapest TV, first you must think about the reason why you want to even get an LCD, is it for gaming? Is it for satellite TV? How about to play blu-ray?

The Office’s Pam and Jim – When Television Finally Gets Romance Right

The Office is one of the few TV comedies that actually depicts a realistic relationship in a believable manner. Pam and Jim actually seem like a real couple instead of an improbable setup for a bad punchline.