Film Review: Les Miserables

“Will you give all you can give, so that our banner may advance? Some will fall and some will live, will you stand up and take your chance?” These are the lines from the song “Do You Hear the People Sing?” which is the stirring anthem in the movie. This reflects the courage of people who fought for freedom and independence even there are a lot of struggles and oppositions along the way. If you were given chance to fight for freedom, will you stand up and be one of them? Will you sacrifice your life to reach the hope you were longing? Les Miserables is an epic musical drama film directed by Tom Hooper. It was released in 2012 that was based on a French Novel of Victor Hugo that encompasses the French Revolution from the early 19th century in France. It is a historical setting that exhibits political and societal issues which creates a huge impact in each character. And also, it depicts heavy religious and spiritual bent that was greatly emphasized throughout the story. This review will focus to the whole film associated with its symbolisms and characters that is still relevant in modern times.

The Wretched’s Wail: Les Miserables Film Review

This review tackles the award-winning film, Les Miserables. Given the themes present in the movie and the overall mood of the story, this review will utilize Marxist Criticism to delve deeper and analyze the film.

The Miserable Ones

Do you hear the people sing? Revolution. It is a way to let the higher authorities know that the people are done with their slavery and their cruelty. Revolution is when the time the people rises up in revolt against their current authorities and it takes courage, bravery, and sacrifice.

Les Miserables: Javert

“My heart is stone and still it trembles” said by Javert in the film Les Miserables while standing on the edge of a bridge. Les Miserables was originally a novel written by Victor Hugo and was later adapted into a musical then to a musical film in 2012.

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